WeChat in 3 years by 1 transcripts destabilize Ali Article 93 to sell price of 1000 dollars

WeChat in 3 years by 1 transcripts destabilize Ali Article 93 to sell price of 1000 dollars

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rely on 1 articles sold at the price of $1000 comb, this is not crazy, so the data from the recent 3 years WeChat released transcripts. In addition to the publication of the current WeChat public number data, usage, but also for the first time released a number of business cases and data. And this has 250 thousand fans of the most things in this way to find their business model. In the industry view, has always been as a social overlord Tencent business has been doing relatively poor, the sun can destabilize the leading electricity supplier "Ali" means.

According to WeChat announced the WeChat

, the public number currently has more than 10 million, and WeChat 200 million times a day to share with friends, every day more than 180 million times the share to a circle of friends, this year in the CCTV Spring Festival evening shake television cooperation case, the total amount of interactive shake shake the peak 11 billion times, 810 million times / min. The most attractive is that up to now, 80% received WeChat red envelopes into the user to pay WeChat active users, more than 15 stores under the line access WeChat payment.

"sweep" and "shake", such a simple operation and social, but let a foot in the earlier years of fighting the Tencent failed to pay the field and field of electronic business, direct and Alibaba in the O2O Taobao Tmall and Alipay to meet on the battlefield. Although WeChat’s payment and business resources are still unmatched with ALI, but 600 million of WeChat users have built a lot of imagination.

with a "most things" WeChat public, for example, the most extreme things through a global recommendation, adhere to each category only recommend one, from requirements gathering to a written release, must go through 12 steps, finally realize the value system of each product differentiation. Attracted 250 thousand fans, although the current release of only a few pieces of only a few items, but reached a monthly average sales of $300 thousand. Therefore, in the industry view, the formation of commercial ecology WeChat, Tencent will undoubtedly make the competition more intense and ali.  

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