Ali health in Tmall opened third stores surfaced

Ali health in Tmall opened third stores surfaced

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November 16th news, following Ali health flagship store (main medical appointment), Ali health pharmacy flagship store (main OTC drugs), Ali and Tmall health shop. Billion state power network learned recently, Ali health official overseas flagship store has launched operations in Tmall international.

Ali health billion state power network to confirm, Ali health overseas flagship store is the official opening of the shop, but not to disclose other details.

however, the store is currently from the commodity structure, the source of goods, the function has shown the following characteristics:

first, the main health care products


(Figure: Ali health flagship store overseas to health, daily necessities)

from the commodity structure, the overseas flagship store Ali health products is still relatively small, mainly covers Adult supplies, health care products, skin care products, daily necessities and other categories, from Germany, France, Germany, Australia and other countries. Okamoto, Macao Jiabao, Ou Le B, GNC brand products have shelves.

of course, because just on the line soon, Ali overseas health flagship store from the sales point of view is not prominent, Tmall international data show that at present the shop in the highest sales of a product is Okamoto condom, the total sales of 1359, the rest of the sales of products is relatively low.

two, intends to introduce international pharmacy

it is worth noting that Ali health overseas flagship store opened a special international pharmacy area". Currently, the introduction of the French online pharmacy 1001Pharmacies". Public information, 1001Pharmacies is the largest online pharmacies in France, with 8 self entity pharmacy in France, and with the formation of an alliance of the 550 physical pharmacy, pharmacy cooperation covering several cities in france.



(French pharmacy 1001Pharmacies sales of products)

Ali health, 1001Pharmacies is the first settled Ali ecosystem of French pharmacy, the pharmacy in Ali health overseas flagship store shelves of goods will be from the French direct mail to China.

currently, 1001Pharmacies pharmacy shelves of goods, including eye drops, toothpaste, spray, skin care water, mask, collagen powder and other products.

"more international pharmacy, please look forward to." Ali health flagship store page also seems to imply that the future will introduce other international pharmacies.

in fact, before the 1001Pharmacies, there are international pharmacies in Tmall international tasted the sweetness, the most typical is this year’s double 11 Tmall International >

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