90% seller Taobao promotion minefield you noticed

90% seller Taobao promotion minefield you noticed

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misunderstanding: the extension of the car to add more words the better

error analysis: if the beginning of a bunch of keywords to plug in, not only add trouble words, but also will not find the focus of the latter optimization. Can not eat into a fat man, through the car to promote the key words are also the same, can not all of a sudden to fill the word.

recommended method: the recommended practice is to add a small amount of words, wait until the keyword flow is relatively stable, and then slowly increase the key words. More than the end of the time, you need to gradually delete words. Delete the word when the main consideration of conversion, for the flow is good but not the words to be decisive to delete.

error two: through bid to low to high

: the misunderstandings of many words, the first price and then gradually adjust the multi word high price tactics, the flow is not accurate, the keyword ranking is not good, do not click rate, so the quality can not go up, which leads to more and more difficult for the later optimization. And for the baby to do the explosion, it can not consider the pre investment, the election is the most important part of the money is not immediately change, choose the right to do a good job ranking.

recommended method: early promotion is a good way to add a small number of keywords, appropriate to improve the bid, get traffic to get the rankings, so the quality score will grow. Then add the key words, then add the word quality points will be better.

error three: train traffic as much as possible

issues: we say traffic flow is actually useful for accurate flow, such as the "2015 new", but the traffic is certainly big, can bring into? If there are 10 baby one day 2000 clicks, and a baby 1000 hits, this effect is completely different. If you focus on doing a few main push baby, then half a month after the effect is obvious.

recommended method: through the car to promote the flow of the whole store is meaningless, we need to choose a few main push baby, every day to focus on the flow of these baby is the most important. Focus on the baby, put more money to do the flow up, transformation and upgrading, the other baby can choose drainage.

error four: through the car to click on the lower the better

error analysis: this truth is actually very simple, a few cents a word, the introduction of 1000 traffic, but not a deal. It is also not the spread? On the contrary, raised his offer, traffic will increase, also can bring the transaction, and the net profit, then spread the word does not have effect? So open train is not the so-called data is good, but not good data transaction flow great but is invalid flow on price brings, it is a thankless.

recommended methods: everyone’s promotional costs are also limited, there is no room for squandering, the so-called good steel used in the blade, we need to push the main

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