Taobao online shop to improve the flow method

Taobao online shop to improve the flow method

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A good name is


access is not small. Take the name to open shop, is not a trivial matter, must be made easy, easy to read, personality, innovative, let a person see at a glance is not forgotten, people remember your name, one day will come to your shop around, for a long time, remember your name people will be more and more, you store traffic can not go up? The name must not too long, not too uncommon, can best be catchy, can let a person bring Lenovo, make people very impressed in my mind, I do not know your friends how to think.

two is a very important store design.

store as the store as the signs to design novel and eye-catching, enough grades, and distinctive and dynamic, to make people look very difficult to forget, so you are not careful, people will enter your shop, so you store traffic will not go up? "/p>

three is to design their own signature file.

is a good sign, in your replies and publish new posts, signature will show in front of many buyers and sellers, people may find your shop, one day will go to your shop to see, so it improves the browsing amount of


four is to reply.

You have only to high frequency

replies, you and the buyer or the seller will have more opportunities to communicate, your friends will also follow up, is all right, people will be to your shop to go shopping, you can store traffic is not high


five is to write high quality, weight, there is a guiding significance of the post.

your posts if it is really worth seeing, level, people will see you to the post, so your popularity will rise, by the way also to your shop to see, you will naturally flow shop.

six is to go to the major sites and BBS forum to post.

as long as there is time to go to the hair, don’t be afraid to be deleted, one day post success, can bring unexpected traffic, might make you unable to resist sustain the blows.

seven is clever use of QQ.

chat in QQ, it is interesting to disclose the information about the shop, people know your shop, it is possible to go to your store to see. And QQ is often a major group of online shopping, such as communication with them properly, there will be unexpected harvest.

eight is constantly improving the credibility of the store.

has a good reputation, the buyers are willing to deal with you, not only he himself will do business with you, even his friends and relatives to visit your shop, but also a long time with your contacts, it will form a good interaction. Greatly increase the amount of visits.

nine is trying to get a good price

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