O2O line moves to neighbor exchange super precision marketing power transformation

O2O line moves to neighbor exchange super precision marketing power transformation

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Tencent science and technology Xin Yan reported on June 11th

is affected by the electricity supplier, the entity store costs increased year by year, part of the traditional chain supermarkets have started to slow down the speed of opening new stores; and with the popularity of mobile Internet users also gradually develop the habit of buying through the electronic commerce, the super user entity caused a diversion, imminent transformation of the traditional super.

neighbor exchange is based on the present situation, solutions providers help line chain of super mobile solutions. They are able to provide mobile end of the supermarket chain members of the electronic system, in the supermarket outside the time to allow consumers to connect with the supermarket.

neighbor exchange President Song Chao added to the Tencent of science and technology, different from other O2O scheme, a system will not exchange neighborhood for the sale of super will end, but will follow the entire operation as a continuous service.

precise recommendation: with the supermarket membership card system docking

Song Chao told the Tencent of science and technology, the business model is based neighborhood exchange and docking supermarket membership card system. Most supermarket membership card system will collect a lot of basic data, such as the user’s gender, age, occupation or identity, etc.. However, this information has not been effectively utilized, the supermarket also has no ability to provide differentiated services for different groups of people." Song Chao said.

neighbor exchange will make use of the basic data, according to the records of big data modeling of consumer groups consumer line, targeted on the promotion of information and other suppliers of advertising.

at the same time, neighbor exchange also solved the consumer check points, exchange gifts and consumer records for such traditional membership card can bring the advantage in the mobile terminal.

is worth mentioning is that the online operation scheme will make the neighbor exchange, according to the supermarket b-t-l promotion and operation plan with the implementation of drainage line shopping.

"we can solve the problem of super Weihuo through this method." Song Chao said, the potter promotional information accurate pushed to users, can greatly reduce the occupancy of the potter promotional shelf, reduce inventory costs and rapid clearance.

lock large local chain super: the development of LBS services

Song Chao told the Tencent of science and technology, the neighbor exchange partners positioning national each big city, is mainly first-tier cities and provincial capital city, select the local chain, the region’s largest, the main customer base for the super and super outside the existing members, customers will extend through the promotion of App mode.

The first commercial

officially launched the super neighborhood exchange at present is the palm in Wuhan group.

it is understood that the App currently has about 400 thousand users, of which 80% were from the group members. Then will launch Anhui red house, Henan Shuanghui and other traditional supermarket chain shift >

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