The traditional enterprise test of Electronic Commerce opportunities or embarrassed exit

The traditional enterprise test of Electronic Commerce opportunities or embarrassed exit

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2010, e-commerce Chinese achieved rapid development, the annual e-commerce market transactions amounted to 4 trillion and 500 billion, an increase of 22%. Among them, B2B e-commerce transactions amounted to 3 trillion and 800 billion, the online retail market transactions amounted to $513 billion 100 million.

in the increasingly fierce competition in the market of today, more and more traditional enterprises to realize electronic commerce "this is like a wave of Japan’s tsunami, waves when the call is an avalanche. If you do not, after the tsunami, it is likely to be rolled into the sea, and finally stay on the beach will not be you." A large number of traditional enterprises to enter the e-commerce market with the potential of thunder and lightning, the traditional enterprise e-commerce presents the overall rapid growth trend., Kappa, Lining, Ling, UNIQLO, Giordano, love, Motom, Sinoway, grass collection, intime department store and other traditional business or brand in the electronic commerce on the performance of the people attention.

however, information technology is changing rapidly, but the e-commerce market and opportunities do not mean easy success. Many traditional enterprises in the test of the water after the discovery of e-commerce, huge capital investment, high standards of technical requirements and professional operations management and other aspects of the problem is like a huge mountain in front of. There is a common phenomenon because of the concept of electronic commerce cognitive only stay on the surface, so the error of electronic commerce simply as a construction site in the station, and only pay attention to beautiful pages and product introduction and ignore the needs of consumers. Open or not open shop, corporate website is to continue or loss of withdrawal, the traditional enterprise has become the most tangled topic of most concern.

industry experts pointed out that the reason why the rapid development of e-commerce, because it represents a new and evolving business, can make the enterprise more higher, faster and stronger in the shortest possible time to obtain the maximum profit. The traditional enterprise into e-commerce is the purpose of profit and value realization of business on the Internet, so enterprises in e-commerce to optimize the journey should constantly adapt to the first planned enterprise in Alibaba, HC, such as top e-commerce service enterprises to enter the whole scheme of electronic commerce, and then further to achieve greater development.

at present, Chinese traditional enterprises is still at the primary stage in the application of e-commerce, the prospect is worth looking forward to, however, is still the key opportunity or embarrassed exit from the traditional enterprises to change the e-commerce status in the enterprise marketing strategy in this concept. Traditional enterprises only use the e-commerce tools, in order to speed up the pace of enterprise brand image, to achieve the successful development of e-commerce.

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