Tourism electricity supplier next station Social Tourism

Tourism electricity supplier next station Social Tourism

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2014, the online travel market competition can be used to describe all kinds of intense, 1 yuan tickets everywhere, giants in the market impact. Intense competition in the market, but also to speed up the large-scale reshuffle of the tourism industry, the traditional travel agency anxious to seek the transformation of the road, are trying a new business model. In the situation, the tourist attractions also gradually sit, seek to change.

iResearch data show that in 2013 China’s online travel market transactions was 220 billion 460 million yuan, an increase of 29%, nearly three compound annual growth rate of up to 32.5%; the size of the online travel market is expected in 2017 will reach 465 billion 10 million yuan, compound growth rate of 20.5%. Such a large growth space will inevitably lead to a large number of wolves, capital of hot money into the online travel market, big circle enclosure.

90% travelers can not do without social media

tourism industry is a light asset, heavy service industry, do not need to support the logistics system, focusing on channel construction and customer service support. Yu has been talking about the tourism industry is very suitable for the development of e-commerce, tourism industry is bound to form a new era of development in e-commerce business. The future tourism market is bound to be ten times or even a hundred times the growth rate.

in the growth of space, companies want to occupy a place in the industry in the future, but also to see the online travel industry trends. First, we must understand the two major trends in online travel, mobile, big data support.

because of travel behavior has natural mobility, coupled with the rapid growth of mobile Internet users, so micro-blog mobile terminal users login long travel far more than the PC side, only in February 2013 micro-blog travel PC end user online time is higher than that of the mobile terminal, the remaining 11 months are longer than the online mobile terminal PC terminal. Also Facebook in a 2013 survey also showed that 97% of people will use Facebook to find information on the trip, such as news, travel tips and weather. The analysis also stressed that the vast majority (91%) of people can not do without social media, they will log on at least Facebook times on vacation. 99% of the people will be able to wait for the release of the travel on the Facebook text and photos. Of which 32% of the people because cannot wait to share with friends and family mood, on the way home already uploaded information. In addition, the core of online travel market is to improve the efficiency of information matching. On the demand side, will help expand the product drop agent and the time cost of the audience coverage, open the downstream market space; on the supply side, private custom the use of big data will help companies achieve advertising accurate delivery and demand for personalized.

in the mobile and big data behind, in fact, is a manifestation of the social tourism. In micro-blog, we see many tourism enterprises borrow # with micro-blog to travel # topic to carry out marketing activities, there is a direct product based on live >

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