YeePay push a button and quick payment should be paid

YeePay push a button and quick payment should be paid

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speed transit network July 30th news, the day before Alipay announced the launch of a key payment, and the product will be used for the first time in the game industry, users of the game pay. Business investment analyst Lu said YeePay launched a key payment account, should always be safety first.

YeePay launched a key payment to simplify the payment front, the game player in the game through a simple operation to complete the payment, improve the game player experience, at the same time from the payment success rate and cash flow to enhance the efficiency of enterprise payment.

previously, game player in the game in the payment, need to exit the game interface, to jump to the payment interface to complete the payment, reduce the game player’s game experience, the game manufacturers, user experience decreased at the same time, but also reduces the transaction rate.

it is understood that, with the introduction of various types of online games and the market was blowout trend, online game recharge has been the players and the game business pain points". Data show that the game players to buy props because of the inconvenience and give up the proportion of up to 70%, the game has become a profitable enterprise to pay the bottleneck.

investment analyst Lu Shang pointed out that, in order to provide industry Epro payment solutions known, currently involved in both car rental, aviation and other fields, but YeePay in the protection of personal account security is not so perfect, micro-blog often through recharge but not arrival calls – News leaked. Sporadic little can be said to be the case, but the mass was questioned, there is reason for the payment system.

Lu business thinks, a key payment is a double-edged sword, in improving the game player experience at the same time, also means that the higher the risk, the quick payment Alipay is a lesson, after Alipay was quick payment account stolen events. YeePay requires a high degree of Caution!, after all, as long as the safety of one case, the user will lose confidence in Epro pay. (the Yellow River)

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