China’s luxury electricity supplier to survive the transformation of funds and unauthorized embarras

China’s luxury electricity supplier to survive the transformation of funds and unauthorized embarras

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for the four countermeasures of foreign entry into China

1 "amnesty" was acquired by

2 expansion agent fashion brand

3 put down the value of the public brand

4 transformation luxury navigation

overseas luxury electricity supplier into the collective transformation of China’s luxury electricity supplier to survive

China luxury electricity supplier situation is delicate. Reporter recently learned, after several failures, luxury brand is not authorized, loss of more than continuous bad, domestic online luxury industry ‘rival, including veteran British fashion business website Net-a-porter, the four largest overseas luxury heavily into. Analysis pointed out that the luxury business will become the group purchase after another from the hot winter into the industry, as the potential of the industry decline rapidly in the twisted luxury websites have jobs, adjust the operation mode to seek a way out.



was funding and unauthorized embarrassment

luxury electricity supplier both lack of money and lack of supply, which is not a secret.

cbiw data show that from 2010 to 2011 has been disclosed 21 luxury site the total amount of financing $529 million. In this regard, investment institutions have pointed out, "a loss of $115 million in the entire industry financing scale and the amount of financing within two years, the speed is far away from burn rate".

actually covers China’s first IPO luxury discount site aura announced the prospectus data is not optimistic. From 2009 to 2011, net loss of 1 million 380 thousand, respectively, $8 million 370 thousand and $107 million, is a microcosm of the current situation of luxury electricity supplier industry capital, analysts have commented.

in addition to capital weakness, luxury brand is not an important factor in the development of the electricity supplier authorized to China is clamped industry. This veteran British fashion electricity supplier Net-a-porter Chen Renzhong told the president of China group Chinese counterparts purchase channels expressed doubts, he said: "we only obtain sales brand licensing products, but China luxury or from foreign brand stores or outlets shopping spree, or never have China distribution rights of foreign distributors wholesale, brand sellers and ghost or bribery that is not open and aboveboard and brand authorization contract signed."

at the same time, the World Luxury Association China representative CEO Ouyang Kun said, "at present, sales of luxury goods companies almost no one on e-commerce channels authorized" this is SWAROVSKI mall recently denounced Jingdong (micro-blog) due to the sale of their products. Although Jingdong mall CEO Liu Qiangdong has said, we will bypass distributors, and luxury brands to talk directly authorized". However, CEO Ji Wenhong serves network said, "the first international brand licensing generally talk down, at least three years.

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