Web3 0 wave of mobile labs push the wizard tree

Web3 0 wave of mobile labs push the wizard tree

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in this era of information explosion, the traditional web portals and search engines have been far can not meet the users needs, and to accelerate the pace of life and the complex information, allows users of the Internet, and put forward higher requirements, in this context, accurate and convenient personalized portals have emerged.

recently, the field of communications professional portal mobile labs heavy launch personalized channel, once again set off a Web3.0 Internet boom in the field of communications. According to the labs mobile website (labs.chinamobile.com) product director Ms. Zhou introduced the concept of personalized portal in China is not a new thing, like Baidu and Google have launched its personalized channel, but in the sub sector especially the communication field, before the introduction of personalized channel in mobile labs, which has been a blank in our country. The introduction of mobile labs personalized channel, and even more personalized features of the " fairy tree " on-line communication for the user to bring the most convenient network information services.

it is understood that the personalized channel of mobile labs is special for the communications industry professionals tailored professional aggregate content, users only need to click to customize the content they need, more convenient and more efficient access to information communication industry, but also with the desire according to their own preferences and create custom channels, custom love the contents of.

insiders said that after the blog, forums and other products to the Internet as the representative of Web2.0 wave in Internet users demand, Web3.0 era is our leisurely walking. Personalized portal as a representative of Web3.0 products of the times, will give birth to a new Internet " ". This kingdom;; " Kingdom of " no longer in regions and borders are divided, but with interest, language, theme, occupation, professional such as aggregation and management & quot; Kingdom " mobile Labs product director. Ms. Zhou introduced personalized channel of mobile labs in the creation of such a kingdom, receive and read the information completely by the user control, user and even have the opportunity to create a new Internet Kingdom and become a king, there may be in the kingdom of Internet Democracy campaign to become president, then, as the king of the user will have a network of citizens from all corners of the earth.

according to the survey data released by the Internet Information Center, the highest rate of Internet users on the use of online news, reaching 80.1%, which also means that the Internet users on the Internet demand is very strong. This is also a new mobile labs on-line " wizard tree " much sought after by users. " fairy tree " according to the user’s reading habits to analyze the needs of users of the news, recommended for users to read the most interested in reading news content. And, " Elf tree " can also increase gradually with the nutrient with luxuriant foliage. "

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