Giant milk honey bud 301 hand Mead snapped and big moves

Giant milk honey bud 301 hand Mead snapped and big moves

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honey bud will hold the second berserk festival in March 1st this year, will be based on last year’s inaugural comprehensive upgrade activities, to more international big baby, China create the most iconic maternal consumption of Carnival day. At present, the international giant milk honey bud said Mead Johnson has reached 301 forms of cooperation activities.

Mead was founded in 1905, has more than 100 years of history, is one of the large multinational production of infant nutrition in the world. It has 7 production bases in the world and nearly 6500 employees, the production of more than 70 kinds of nutritional products marketing in more than and 50 countries and regions, has been the trust of many nutritionists and parents, there are "nutrition experts," said.

early in July last year, honey bud had with Mead Johnson in Shanghai signed a strategic cooperation agreement to cross-border business. The two sides on how to reach a consensus in the field of cross-border electricity supplier in the future, forming a strategic alliance. This is the first time in the domestic electricity supplier platform Mead Johnson brand cross-border direct supply, together, provide quality products and services for more and more China baby. The honey bud 301 snapped Mead Johnson after the signing of the agreement is in hand, a force more depth cooperation.

Mead Johnson said that after 85 to 90 new era will become the main force of mother infant, Mead Johnson will be based on the people of insight, is expected to create more innovative consumer experience to meet new requirements. Honey bud have been at the forefront of maternal industry, with excellent ideas and sense of innovation, continue to provide users with more advanced scientific concepts, so that more and more love and mother know honey bud which is one of the reasons, Mead Johnson can long time to carry out in-depth cooperation with honey bud.


It is reported that in 301

, honey bud snapped, not only sent 2016 yuan shopping gold everyone can receive, but there is a million parenting artifact free dress collar, honey bud will hand Mead, during the event to put enough consumer welfare.

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