B2B search business blowout three advantages

B2B search business blowout three advantages

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is currently the international financial crisis is still the aftermath, many enterprises are facing a lot of difficulties such as unsalable products, competition in the domestic similar products more and more intense, the media as an important promotional tool, "prices will be promoted step by step". With the traditional marketing enterprises to find their own piece of the sky, at the present stage is difficult. Even if found, to gain a firm foothold, also need to invest a lot of financial and material resources, time and energy to build their own authority and brand, funds must also be properly put and turnover, a link error at any time to the corporate collapse.

e-commerce marketing in recent years for many enterprises to bring business opportunities, providing a low-cost and efficient marketing platform to import opportunities. But in the field of e-commerce, the site is more as a tool for enterprises to provide a display of products, to create a brand image. Small and medium-sized enterprises to enter the e-commerce expansion trend, must do that as traditional marketing orientation, target, communication, concentrated, creative five movement, give full play to the huge amount of information, e-commerce marketing system business intensive and other advantages.

in early 1990s, Tang · peipers proposed "customer share" concept: a business decision is not the key to the success of "market share", but that "customer share". Occupy the customer share of the enterprise is really got the customer’s heart, has the customer loyalty, the market no matter how the situation changes, the enterprise can be in an invincible position in some extent.

enterprises in the development of the market should be based on their own product characteristics, identify the target group. Each product has the advantages of many aspects, but when the promotion of multi line into, it is easy to cause the product positioning is not clear, the customer will be targeted. Therefore, the network promotion of products, making the products selling focused, focused, targeted, the only target in customer demand, promotion planning target integration direction clear, to maximize the MGC (most of the growing customer) into MVC (most valuable at the same time, customers) as soon as possible to abandon the BZ (negative customers), to create the maximum value of the enterprise to achieve.

professional B2B commercial search engine (youboy.com), a hundred responses to a single call due to the use of the crowd of 100% is a business owner, distribution buyers, import and export supplier, direct participants sales and other commercial activities, so in participating in the electronic commerce a hundred responses to a single call business oriented target customers are potential customers; secondly, due to the use of search technology, can hit the target directly, direct search for product demand, make transactions more rapidly; third, the majority of the valid business flow but also for their own brand of rapid growth in the industry’s reputation. The latest introduction of the image of the trade show, carrying the main promotional information for enterprises to more targeted positioning and dissemination.

B2B search engine is a high gold content search engine, than the general search engine will be >

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