Business platform into the final gatekeeper

Business platform into the final gatekeeper

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network is increasingly becoming a food sales channels today, due to the visualization of the transaction data, the electricity supplier to the food industry means more formats upgrade". But this trade complex prompted some franchise food business platform is playing a "gatekeeper" role.

for consumers, there are lack of professional ability to identify the "layman". If there is a gap in the door, how wide is it?

number of electronic business platform door

Lin is a well-known electronic business platform procurement manager in Shanghai, its food good or bad smell has a career sensitive. He said that on the one hand, thanks to the long-term work experience in the food industry, on the one hand with the blood of the lessons learned in exchange for valuable experience.

The relationship between the structure of

in food manufacturers, distributors and agents on Tomlinson operating in their own business platform as an example, in the process of cooperation, generally choose to negotiate directly with the manufacturer, so as to reduce intermediate links, thereby reducing the cost.

at the same time, manufacturers also have their own distributors or agents. In particular, well-known brands of food, they are on their own level of the distribution of some of the regional level, such as Hua Dongda district agents, etc.. Therefore, the production enterprises through agents or distributors indirectly cooperate with the electricity supplier platform. Different levels of agency, will lead to the emergence of a variety of modes of cooperation, which can partially explain the same kind of food, why will appear in the network side of a variety of prices.

business platform is also collaborating with them, which can enrich our food supply, but normally need to enjoy relevant treatment, for example, in return, agents and manufacturers need to provide the same treatment." Ellingson said. But he needs to bear two "gatekeeper responsibility": "commodity supplier compliance" and "whether the goods are qualified".

The former refers to the

, the supplier of food business behavior in accordance with the relevant provisions of the law. The latter refers to the goods need to pass the relevant inspection.

in the purchase, the purchaser needs to grasp the situation of all electricity supplier in the upstream industry chain, which includes at least three aspects of the inspection, the inspection of goods is the first manufacturer of legal status, such as manufacturers of business license, organization code certificate, tax registration certificate and other materials check; secondly, check the production license is legal compliance, and prove the quality of the goods inspection in circulation; in the end, if it is from the "agent" or "dealer" purchase, also need to verify the "agent" or "dealer" and "three food distribution license is complete and effective.

in addition, in order to avoid infringement of trademark rights of others, general business platform also check a trademark registrant information and authorization etc..

as for the "imported goods" business, the supplier needs not only "business license, organization code certificate, tax registration certificate three cards are complete, and the need for a food circulation permit", and ">

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