How to get out of the way of development of clothing B2C mall

How to get out of the way of development of clothing B2C mall

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twenty-first Century is the era of electronic commerce, this is an opportunity and a challenge, compared with the traditional sales model, e-commerce website marketing for its extensive, convenient, cost-effective features, accepted by more and more consumers. Especially for young consumers, online shopping has become a fashion, a habit. Electricity supplier website services, logistics, online payment security has become more and more mature, the traditional mode of clothing sales into e-commerce platform has become a trend.

clothing as the main product of B2C mall, in the fierce competition in the Internet tide, how to get out of their own way of development?

brand building and positioning

to do a competitive B2C mall, you must have their own brand. Take a good name for your site, the name will represent the B2C mall, and then to promote it, the majority of consumers are well known and recognized. We should be clear positioning of the mall, is popular to women or children’s clothing style, what is, is the European and American style is the Korean version or school etc.. The initial positioning should be more accurate and professional, according to the location of the mall to find the target population to promote the construction of the more accurate positioning, the easier to find the target customers. Do not do anything, it will lose our competitiveness.

product quality and supply

product is the core of the B2C mall, the quality must be strict, and in ensuring the quality of the premise, it is best to have a certain price advantage. These need to be based on the cost of the product and marketing strategy. The vast majority of consumers prefer products with good quality and low prices. Our products come from where is a very important issue, this channel may directly affect the quality of the product and service, etc.. We should find a trusted family, this will save us a lot of trouble. In the Taobao online, sell a lot of women big businesses have their own garment factory, in this way, not only solve the problem of the source, to grasp the product quality, establish their own style have great autonomy. Although this scale is not easy to do, it should be the goal of our efforts, shopping malls want to go further, to solve the source of the product is a very important place.

good service

this process can be roughly divided into: pre service consulting -> purchase payment service -> distribution logistics -> after-sales maintenance

here every link is very important, and now the requirements of consumers has not only stay in the quality of the product, the service requirements of the mall is getting higher and higher. There are many businesses, when, at the beginning of the business, so cherish every customer to come to consult the service process, every link is doing well, but when the scale gradually developed customers, big business, the customer service will be better than the past, so the situation.

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