Ma Yun talk about Taobao sellers attack heart tired really want to give up

Ma Yun talk about Taobao sellers attack heart tired really want to give up

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                Sina Francisco October 13th noon news, Taobao Mall for improving the service fee caused by small sellers discontent, and attack the Taobao brand sellers, Alibaba chairman of the board and CEO Ma continuous 3 micro-blog, in addition to that money is not the purpose of Taobao, will still stick to the decision, he also said "heart weary, tired, really want to give up".

11 evening

raise a Babel of criticism of Taobao small sellers dissatisfaction with the prices, attack brand sellers what the speculation, caused by the industry and the media attention, yesterday afternoon Zhang Yong president of Taobao mall and media connection to respond on the matter.

Ma Yun also showed great concern on the matter, today the 10:36 again micro-blog expressed views: "look at the family’s tears, heard colleagues tired aggrieved voice, heart weary, tired, really want to give up. Countless times ask yourself: what for? What to take such a responsibility? Merchants may earn the money to live a comfortable life, or like others immigrants, social quality and we have what relation? Internet last night to hear the group of people playing the Nazi, shouting " destroy all, destroy all " damage; innocent. Pro, Taobao people!! "

Ma yesterday also pointed out that the company wants to make money is normal, do not want to make money is not normal, and Taobao has gone through 9 years of abnormal. Over the past nine years, we have never assessed Taobao revenue, never asked for a penny of Taobao’s profits. Not today! Money is not our purpose. We are not moral models, but we do want to do a different business in china. We help small businesses because we know that kind of pain. But not everyone from the chamber of Commerce to earn money, business is a serious learning."

Ma Yun said he would stick to a good decision, and do the best thing to do.

"there are some moments in life, we need the courage to choose. These choices not only inconsistent with common sense, contrary to reason, even offend deviant friends. Even so, we may have today in China, persist in wilfully and arbitrarily! Difficult to do business, integrity to do business more difficult, hard to establish business trust system. But the choice must be done! This is where the hope. (Lin Ming)

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