Searching use the SEO way to do Taobao off

Searching use the SEO way to do Taobao off

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yesterday, my article on how to find the project after the release of the article, there is a classmate found me, and I discussed how to do the next Taobao. I asked him, how do you do? This classmate told me that he is doing API. And made 4 stations, but the income was 0. The main problem is that there is no traffic. Yesterday, because I had something to do, some of his problems did not continue to discuss, today, Taobao said my own views. First API this way, it can be said that in the early stages of Taobao, is very effective, the first to do the basic API site has been successful, then why do now API no effect of it!The

from SEO’s point of view, is actually very simple, because the API generated pages are the same, which has led to a lot of repetitive content, while Baidu will only do first included web pages, later will not included, this is the original concept, and reproduced, in this way, for the new in this way, it has no living environment. So the students do 4 stations are useless.


now say that I do, I actually do Taobao off the way is very simple, and the normal people do most Taobao customers are the same, are from the website to find products, do rankings.

how to find the product to find


method is very simple, we open the mom who had a single product promotion with this as we all know, after the opening there will be a single product category and selling a single product. For selling a single product I would never go to consider, because I know all about selling a single product are master in the operation, to join in and master is in direct competition, it is very big to I need to spend time and effort, and to master competition, as their own to create a selling a single product. In fact, the so-called hot single product is the master of their own hype out, the purpose is to allow some newcomers to follow the trend to promote. I do not say how to hype on this and do Taobao guest is not the same. Then say how to choose a suitable for SEO products.

in "a single product category", we can see all the promotion of product category. A category is the promotion of what we want to do. Attention is a category, i.e. classification. Rather than a single to promote a product. That should be how to choose category? The number is actually very simple every category behind every product. We will look at the statistics, the maximum number of 20% removed, and then the minimum number of 20% to get rid of. Leave the middle 60%. This is our goal. Direct competition for the purpose of this method is to avoid and master, and remove unpopular. I can’t do it too hot, we can’t do it too cold. These are masters need to consider, of course, if you think you are a master, you can try to do 20%. This section can not understand the Baidu to go under the 28 law

in the left%60 we can according to their own >

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