Alipay alone big situation was the impact of

Alipay alone big situation was the impact of

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Alipay, I think we are not unfamiliar, is a function of Taobao, when users need to buy good items, available through Alipay guarantee payment, with Alipay, for online shopping, online payment, provide a lot of convenience. The Taobao Spring Festival, from the year thirty to the fourth day, the highest turnover of more than 1 billion yuan, from this point we can see that Taobao a dominant effect and profit. The Internet fierce competition today, many businesses have found this profit point, and gradually lift the cooperation with Alipay, from a stall.

May 9th I learned, Lianhua OK card, which belongs to the brilliance of its consumers, available Lianhua OK card shopping in Bailian’s stores, and can also be transferred to the balance of Alipay, a consumer in the Taobao platform.

the brilliance and Alipay Brilliance will be involved in the contract expires, because the third party payment services offered to terminate the partnership with alipay. Bailian E city in May 4th can see the "Alipay business suspension announcement" Bailian self payment platform "pay treasure" is to apply for a licence in the payment interface.

not only that, I also found that in May 8th, the Jingdong to suspend payment of Alipay mall. Jingdong mall, advised consumers to switch to other online banking and other ways to pay. For the resumption of Alipay payment, the Jingdong did not say the specific time shopping mall.

because the online payment licenses to enter the countdown, 17 domestic enterprises is expected to become the first to receive the license of the enterprise, such as: Alipay, caifutong etc..

sum up, it is not difficult to see because of the third party payment licenses issued, some enterprises gradually from the cooperation with Alipay, since a pool of online shopping payment, division of the world. And gradually build and improve their online shopping platform.


plan for the sector, major businesses, all want to pay through the network shopping share, lack of coordination. However, through the way the Internet is not compatible with each other, or on the regular Internet users, resulting in a certain inconvenience and other troubles.

If Alipay continues to

compatible with other enterprise payment, while other enterprises are incompatible with each other, then I think that is very difficult to break Alipay a dominant position of the third party payment platform. Only good compatibility, and enhance the user experience is the most important. Only provide users with comfortable shopping platform, convenient payment, there will be more people to choose a powerful platform.

like the webmaster do SEO, focusing on the user experience and content, and a strong chain, the need to constantly add new original content (online shopping platform), the chain increased strong (online shopping word-of-mouth), and user experience (the comfort and convenience of online shopping). When doing a good user experience, will naturally be recommended under the line, word of mouth.

when there are companies to support the vast majority of payment methods, to provide convenient conditions for users, good compatibility of the third party payment, then the status is difficult to shake. < >

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