Detailed steps to open the shop how to open shop detailed steps

Detailed steps to open the shop how to open shop detailed steps

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Taobao shop tutorial: how to open the detailed steps of the shop, detailing how much money you need to open the shop, open shop need to pay margin.

shop names are not easy to remember the shorter the better Oh, because this is to Taobao search ranking is concerned, is the best you have to sell the object name, brand, the related factors of preferential filling, which is conducive to Taobao ranking Oh, there is a holding every day the new baby and this is also conducive to the search ranking…… The other is still groping in the Taobao shop is to go through the real name authentication (the owner must be at least eighteen years of age Chinese citizens), and then choose a bank for Alipay (the Alipay is with your bank card binding, oh) Alipay will go to your card into the small number of amount you go to the counter, or related sites to search after the amount of fill in the specified site, which can correct certification through official website to download a version of Taobao Ali Wangwang, for a prosperous, (used to communicate with the customer), then you can step to shop it according to the instructions (if not found "I want to shop the entrance, you can easily point to open a Taobao shop, the shop in the lower left corner of this entrance) release at least 10 pieces of goods 24-48 hours after you have to self Shop has been, and you do not want to open the shop do not know if you can communicate with me at any time, I QQ:381713669, do not understand can ask.

I will explain the specific steps in the future shop:

: first you have to open an online bank, such as bank, second is to have a Taobao account and a Alipay account (best two for an account, or so, password or mind) put your banking and Alipay for the real name system, if you are not the real name authentication it is not from buyers trust.

second: enter your Taobao, click on I is the seller, there is a need I want to open a shop, a small little test, step by step according to the clues you go shop even be accomplished and there is nothing, just, oh! Now, I talk about my shop to the bitter history of oh in fact, not hard. In today’s society, now if you want to do the real generation shop, no credit is to win in the bark of the ocean in Taobao! In a word: just because you have no credit, if you go shopping in the street, then any shop you can visit, but if you have no credibility on the Internet it is very difficult to survive is, the general approach is to increase the credibility of the use of virtual software, but at least you have to earn your reputation, can serve the people! You say


I am a boy 90 years later, with the idea of starting an online shop, try to open the shop, is to test the way to open shop! When do some new novice initial recharge calls like, there are a variety of game coins, prepaid card, in today’s how many game player in social games, you can think of as long as > Oh!

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