The 10 most important information for a successful e commerce site

The 10 most important information for a successful e commerce site

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last week, received a leaflet, "88 yuan site" in the downstairs, with a surprised, the original site has reached the age and supermarket promotional advertising that exudes, and so the price of cabbage.

to do a website is very easy, but it is difficult to do a good website, do a web site to make money is difficult. In fact, no matter what you do website, want to make money you have to know what your customers want to see on the site, understand what. Today we explore the most important ten e-commerce site information, but also your customers are most concerned about the ten information.

first, let customers remember who you are the core of e-commerce sites is to sell things or help others to sell things, the most important thing is to let as many people remember your name and domain name. Take a unique name, and then directly on the Internet to play eye-catching signs to tell customers who you are, why is your website". People will remember you can understand what is, to a quirk of the name and write a novel of the same description don’t own website.

two, let customers remember you are selling what to read as long as users on your site can know what you sell, or even to display. If you do not have the Jingdong, Dangdang, one shop strength do not cover and contain everything what want to sell, you are selling what is what didn’t sell. Select the field, preferred to be proficient in the field of their own supply of goods, followed by a successful example in North America as an example of the field, do strong. Online sale of genuine shoes and music to buy good music to buy both the United States and the United States over ten million dollars is the best explanation. Focus in order to allow customers to remember you and spread the promotion.

three, let customers easily find you in the head of the page with your customer service or telephone, do not save telephone charges, the strength of the as far as possible to show 800 free calls, saving the cost of at least 400 for a phone number, the worst is a fixed telephone, PHS mobile phone number on a free. On the home page, product page reservation right button next to the position such as with online customer service, QQ, MSN, etc. want to chat tools, at the bottom of the page, add your office or shop.

short, if you are not pit abduction, then don’t let contact veiled, don’t be too stingy to contact in the layout design. Chinese people are still accustomed to the phone, the amount of large, have to travel over land and water to meet the transaction. Although the emphasis on e-commerce is low cost light companies, but the trust between people sometimes need to communicate to form.

four, let the customer as soon as possible to believe you if you use the SSL website to buy such certification, it must be at the bottom of the page and reflected in the customer consultation stressed the certification role, tell the customer that his information will be kept confidential, how safe his pay. Some of the plaque, you get the certificate, the relevant government agencies certification and so on all can prove that you are not showing a bogus company material to your customers.


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