Online shopping 40 thousand yuan pen into rice Buyers couriers were arrested fraud

Online shopping 40 thousand yuan pen into rice Buyers couriers were arrested fraud

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Tianjin is a shop sellers to buyers in Nanjing express a rosewood pen, the value of 40 thousand yuan. But the buyer said he received rice, asked for a refund. I sent the rosewood pen, how will become rice? Tianjin sellers think things are strange, came to the Nanjing police for help. Nanjing police investigation found, the original is the courier to buyer and collusion, replaced by rice pen.

correspondent Yang Weibin

Yangzi Evening News all media reporter Luo Shuangjiang

store alarm


send the pen, the buyer said received rice is

, September 20th at noon, a man walked into the police station fatigued with the journey, said they want to report. Ren Ren Ren, is an online shop in Tianjin. Ren told the police that he was doing crafts business. On September 16th, a Nanjing buyers Mr. Wan and his contacts, said the fancy store in a rosewood pen. After some bargaining, the two sides to 40 thousand yuan turnover. The same day, renmou will give good rosewood pen packaging, courier sent to Nanjing. But Mr. Wan also by Alipay to pay 40 thousand yuan. In September 18th, Mr. Wan and Yim contact, said he received a courier, but it is not rosewood pen, but a bag of rice. At present, he has let the courier express will be back, he also applied for a refund on alipay.

He obviously

sent the rosewood pen, how will become the rice? Mr. Wan phone like a bolt from the blue, let a stunned. There must be something wrong with the first thought of a courier company. After some communication, the recipient of the courier company to see the whole process of delivery of any courier. "Every link has surveillance video, and are weighed, things from Tianjin out, packaging is not damaged, the weight has not changed." He told the police station, the courier company thinks, be a problem here in Nanjing is out of the question, so he went to Nanjing police for help.

police investigation

things are strange, the second day courier delivery will leave

in order to verify the authenticity of any reflection of the situation, the police immediately to the transaction said the investigation. Indeed, as a matter of course, the entire transaction process is found on the Internet, and the other side of the courier company in Tianjin also confirmed that indeed sent a such valuables. Subsequently, the police investigation of the situation after the express to Nanjing. By monitoring the transfer of express company, the express from Tianjin to Nanjing from here over the transport delivery, without any exception, no loss of weight, package unchanged. Accordingly, the police judge, the problem may be in the sending process. At this time, the courier company responsible person told the police, the day of the delivery to send pieces of Wang in the second days after leaving, the value of 40 thousand yuan rosewood pen may be the last thing he sent. This is just a coincidence or premeditated, police investigators immediately feel the king of the problem.

in the investigation of Wang, the police also to the identity of the buyer Mr. Wan

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