Taobao released 2016 fashion list look who chose after 90

Taobao released 2016 fashion list look who chose after 90

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in January 13th, 14, Taobao fashion life community iFashion continuous release of the two heavyweight list – "iFashion year" and "good shop award iFashion annual award" selection of the Reds, elephant MG, small grains, Meng Meng home by the young consumer groups like the ten year good shop, and Axige, Teng Yujia, Joker ten highly popular reds.

as Taobao’s young fashion community, iFashion platform brings together some high-quality shops several fashion clothing, bags, sports and other categories, after more than a year of operation, the emergence of a lot of benchmarking business, at present, the platform is also active in a large number of 90 consumer groups. It is reported that the iFashion selection list associated with the first financial business data center and BAZAAR two media campaign, comprehensive professional media review vote, consumers voted to create new Gold retail trends under the highest strength of the feast. From the point of view of the selection process, to express the young consumers are willing to vote for your love.

iFashion official said, to create the iFashion annual list of the original intention is to respect the right to speak and individual needs of young consumer groups, thus selecting the best annual list of good stores. For the industry, the annual good stores and annual Reds value and is not on the list ranking, is more shops and Reds for young consumer groups adopt laws of marketing strategy.

good store – "personification" shop



: iFashion2016 billboard for the year award NO.1 MG baby

good shop

overview iFashion ten year good shop, most will be accurately targeted at 90 consumer groups, according to the characteristics of 90 fashion and personality, to create "personification" shop. In the context of consumption upgrade, these young people for the store is no longer the extensive management, but the integrity of the business philosophy and the "mob" consciousness, even if not a big brand, also starting from the segments of the population, the development of small and beautiful products and provide quality services. For example, the list of shops in the "golden taipans", the shop will be located in the "fresh pragmatism", shops and clothing styles, visual presentation is in this position; first in the list of "Mao Gu elephant" is obviously showing the whole campus wind, main groups of students.

in a group of young consumer survey, "rational" "personality" is a common feature of 90 consumers, most of the 90 will not be based on sports psychology to buy big, luxury shopping, their main reason is "I love", "I need". So although the average price of iFashion style museum shop on the list is not high, but the customer price and the turnover rate is sufficient to bring considerable sales results for these shops.

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