Ali alliance released yahoo Directional promotion optimization proposal

Ali alliance released yahoo Directional promotion optimization proposal

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Ali alliance to provide advertisers yahoo! Some optimization suggestions for directional extension. The following is detailed:

Dear Ali alliance publishers, hello!

is the following we give you yahoo! Directional optimization of some of the recommendations, I hope you can adopt the following recommendations to improve the effectiveness of advertising, improve the site’s revenue generating potential:

The main effect of

competitive advertising depends on the location, only in the most suitable location, advertising can play a maximum effect.

1 page selection

please place more Yahoo on the website! Bidding code, and not only limited to the home page, in fact, each of the pages, the forum page can be put on the bidding advertising, especially rich text pages, the effect will be better.

2 location selection

choose the best location is the key to your earnings.

(2) navigation bar, near the search box is a habit of visitors will notice, and the residence time will be relatively long area, so do not underestimate the advertising effect of these positions. Simplified directional advertising is a good choice.

(3) the content of each page in the middle or below the bottom of the forum posts and the inside, it is suitable for the sale of advertising, you can try the menu style and relaxed competitive advertising.

we hope that these suggestions will help you, as long as you try to adjust the position of the ad, you will find unexpected results.
the optimization proposal is to help you?

what do you want to share with us? Color? The form or the content of the match?

adjustment, the advertising effect of what happened?

quick action, to your ideas and suggestions to tell us, reply to this email or mail to [email protected], and we share your results after the optimization and adjustment.

willing to cooperate happily!

Ali alliance optimization group

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