We do not have enough electricity in confusion the truth

We do not have enough electricity in confusion the truth

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is a guest, the legendary Chinese business enterprises, from the beginning of the establishment of the mid to later development, where the customer’s every act and every move affects everyone’s nerves, with their own thinking can be said that many practitioners of the industry have to customer development. To find out a shortcut to the development of the electricity supplier from where the barbaric growth, but as before we verify the truth when, where the crisis has emerged.

can you say these years we give up marketing? Obviously not, from Han Han to The Voice of China students, where the customer is still doing work. In fact, everyone where the customer’s interest is not a funding crisis in two times, these years with the increasing customer marketing costs and revenues on a huge gap, resulting in a lot of love pondering friends are all thinking of where the wallet can hold exactly what time, but this time has not appeared. We know that recently made payment in arrears of things, which makes us find new observation points.

is where the customer’s performance and gross margin have been some growth, seen from the old target can be, now where the customer has been pragmatic. We realize the growth of the company in 2012 at the same time, the operation efficiency is increased by 200%, the overall inventory turnover days from 3 months to less than 30 days; it has positive effect for the growth performance in 2013, but in 2013 in the past, we may get an increase in its soft power, but in the brand and the market is still not popular do the ideal point. So what is the reason for this?.

But the market is still

consumers, marketing is not good in vain good product system, we naturally know this truth, from the beginning of 2013, slowing down the grade of marketing force, R & D turned to function, from logistics optimization to independent products, where customers can reach the degree of strength practice throughout. This is a celebration for change, because the old market have more understanding. But these are not good for the target groups to hide where customers lost.

is a main youth brand, what is designed to do the youth market brand to retain users? I think is brand culture, is a personality, can also be a market development potential, but where the price is caught. Although we all love, cost-effective thing. But in the course of time, as well as their own profit demand makes this route can’t keep long, once the market share down when costs rise, consumers will not agree, this is where the first pit dug for themselves, and not a complete system of brand culture to adapt to the growth, where customers need more tenacity and perseverance.

but when it comes to the electricity supplier, it is necessary to mention Ali this giant.

Ali’s strategic territory can be said to be an example of any electricity supplier companies should learn. From Alipay to rookie network, to Sina, contacts, unfamiliar street and a series of hot product support, we can see Ali’s own.

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