Electricity business district in the Baidu index crazy growth

Electricity business district in the Baidu index crazy growth

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" in the Baidu index crazy growth!

Admin5 before Tang teacher blog when there is such a blog "" business "finally appeared, Baidu index is expected to" electric business circle "in the Baidu index will be increased geometrically." today, Xiao also inquired about the Baidu index, and Tang teacher before the data to make a comparison, such as:



data can be seen from the graph, the Baidu index as Professor Tang said, a geometric fold rise.

learning SEO, you should know, we study the degree of competition in a keyword, often will take Baidu index data as a reference. "Electricity business circle" word Baidu index rising. Illustrates the growing concern of SEOER and network groups.

in the direction of a change of thinking, the difficulty of the electricity business will also continue to rise. The site’s ranking may change every day. But in any case, we have to do is in the right direction under the guidance of the stick. Here, Xiao hope webmaster friends. Able to persevere in doing this. Not just for the game, but also exercise their own things to do a habit, a major event, such a journey is a must!

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