The domestic film market hot emerging brand Ke honey silk A new force suddenly rises

The domestic film market hot emerging brand Ke honey silk A new force suddenly rises

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with people’s living standard continues to improve, the concept is more and more strongly, it seems to have not only women’s word, even international superstar Kim Su Hyon to see fans even apply for two night mask. So on the beauty industry, film products is the champion in the industry, between 2001-2013 years, average mask sales increase of 35%, 2015 mask sales are expected to reach 30 billion in size, more. With the reporter visited the supermarkets, counters, all kinds of new components, new category, launched a variety of attractive promotional mode, dazzling, but reporters found in random interviews with consumers, the quality safety problems of the products is the consumers are most concerned about the topic.

in the reporter’s interview process, found that many consumers are on a brand new film widely acclaimed, and is known as the mask in the apple brand – Ke honey silk. Many consumers mask the effect and quality of this show a lot of recognition.

what is a what kind of mask? The subsequent investigation to reporters, Ke honey silk CellaMiss mask is a mask in April this year was listed, the main active ingredient in Apple Based on stem cells, can effectively increase the vitality and life of skin stem cells, activate cells, repair damaged cells and promote cell regeneration, from the beginning of the new skin cells, effectively improve due to cell senescence caused by dry, relaxation, wrinkles, pigmentation, large pores, dull, fragile and sensitive, such as the ten skin acne scars, make skin soft, elastic and smooth full compact, rich luster, prevent skin aging intelligent, play the maximum effect to delay the aging of skin effect. Ke honey silk is so widely word-of-mouth praise in the same product, every detail is perfect. Different from other manufacturers, they are made of pure aluminum foil bag material, fully using GMP technology standards of food production, the whole filling process: clean, sterile, non pollution processing, strict management and rigorous, so that consumers can use it safely. With the reporter’s investigation found that Ke honey silk announced the latest product inspection report shows that in recent days, the report, the indicators qualified Ke honey silk mask, some indicators even higher than the domestic market standard, 41 hormones (glucocorticoids) and other skin test elements were not detected. That product number can be queried in the national quality supervision and inspection center of cosmetics, website address: (V plastic firming mask inspection report number: Wei 2014-06-1369 anti-counterfeiting code: 032ab45e913676bd, aqua facial mask: Inspection Report Number: Wei 2014-06-1370 anti-counterfeiting code: 39b1803b39dcf060


Ke honey silk – National cosmetics quality supervision and inspection center of & Guangzhou quality supervision and Inspection Institute detection report

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