The competition intense cross border retail Lotte Tmall has closed shop

The competition intense cross border retail Lotte Tmall has closed shop

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"cosmetic Finance Online" reporter learned that South Korea Lotte Tmall official flagship store was closed completely in January 12th. For this event, Tmall said: Lotte shut down Tmall flagship store is based on their own situation in the global business strategy adjustments.


it is understood that after the music every day, the cat’s flagship store covers the Han and the United States, a national health care, food, maternal and child supplies category. Cosmetics sales, Ian dr.young, Sulwhasoo, Lu and other imported products.

but it is worth mentioning that, also closed 3 Lotte Lotte supermarket in China before, spending huge sums to build Lotte World in Shenyang have also been shut down. Insiders analysis, a series of Lotte in China markets in Korea to sell things, and Thad land.

but there are stakeholders, said: This is the result of market competition." The source said: in Korea, Lotte only with Emart competition, Tmall do with dozens of large retailers territories, there must be the survival of the fittest. It is understood that Tmall has more than and 20 large retailers. Including American Target, American Costco, German Woolworths, British Sainsbury, Metro Australia ‘s, American Macys, South Korea E-MART, Spain Dia, Italy IPER, Eurospin, AEON, Fresta, Japan, Japan Matsumoto, Thailand Isetan Mitsukoshi Kingpower, Australia Chemist Warehouse, Australia the first large pharmacy chain store giant Metcash Countdown, New Zealand etc..

Relevant responsible person said: in South Korea Lotte

Tmall brand also has a separate day cat shop or in other retail stores, and the performance is very good, such as Emart, TMon, etc., with amore beautiful. If you do not have their own unique advantages, in-depth investment, retail platform should also consider the adjustment strategy.

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