Double 11 after seven years more and more problems are emerging

Double 11 after seven years more and more problems are emerging

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year after year, double 11 to create the myth of online shopping jiejiegao.

November 11, 2015 1 minutes in the morning of 12 seconds, Tmall trading turnover of 1 billion; 12 minutes and 28 seconds, more than $10 billion; 1 hours, 13 minutes and 59 seconds, trading volume over.


in double 11 2014, Tmall turnover broken 1 billion in 3 minutes, 38 minutes and 28 seconds, crossed the 10 billion transactions. In 2013, 1 billion minutes before the break, it took about 6 minutes. In the day’s turnover, from 52 million in 2009 to the year of 2010, the next few years, the number of 3 billion 360 million, 19 billion 100 million, 35 billion, and then to last year’s $57 billion 100 million by the end of the year. And this year’s trading volume, there are forecast data between 77 billion 100 million – 88 billion 200 million.

in addition to the bright lights of the data, this year the Alibaba also double 11 variety, Ma finale double 11 party, Feng Xiaogang personally directed, celebrities, business tycoons are all appearances.

of course, double 11 out of the limelight is not just the Department of Alibaba, including Jingdong, including electricity providers have joined the melee. The Jingdong will be directed at the Alibaba, both sides played bickering, of course, this is also a year without drama, big guy also flattering.

it looks a bit rather baffling online shopping carnival, although every year set off netizens enthusiasm, has created a digital myth, but in these glamorous figures behind, more and more things are revealed one by one.

Financial Times had reported that the 11 has become China’s largest fake festival. Since 2013, China registered in the State Administration for Industry and commerce online selling counterfeit and shoddy goods the number of cases has increased by 356%. Alibaba and other electricity providers are in the big seller to wash the ground, from the seller where the Commission and advertising fees charged in their revenue accounted for the bulk. A place of business Voices of discontent. Consumers are, they often need to provide a certificate, to prove that a product is fake, and most companies have not issued this certificate, which means that the consumer rights almost inaccessible.

fake has apparently not a secret, but the price is to let consumers impossible to guard against the trap. A lot of businesses in the arrival of the double 11, in order to discount promotional promotional gimmick, but in advance before the discount to improve the sales price, so that consumers mistakenly believe that the enjoyment of the purchase price concessions.

more "pain points", crashes, and courier warehouse explosion of information leaking is often broke out. Of course, these issues are clearly not the only 11 appeared, but it is clear that the double in the setting off an online shopping spree at the same time, these problems will also be unlimited amplification, focused on.

the question now is to double the seven year itch 11, still have much confidence to red.

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