Chongqing engineering Jingdong Taobao start supplier to the countryside to the opening

Chongqing engineering Jingdong Taobao start supplier to the countryside to the opening

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yesterday (May 4th), Chongqing City e-commerce into the country to start the video will be held, marking the Chongqing city "electricity supplier countryside" project officially started, the "new rural net trend of rural Internet plus" gradually open.

Chongqing City Commission will encourage cooperation with Alibaba, Jingdong, Su Ningyun and other well-known electricity supplier platform to support the creation of local characteristics of the museum. Taobao Chongqing Pavilion must be opened in June, the Jingdong of Chongqing museum to speed up the construction, we should try our best to be the county agricultural and sideline products, online sales organization into the hall. Districts and counties should strengthen docking with the electricity supplier service platform, building in line with their own characteristics of the County Hall, in order to promote the development of rural electricity supplier.

at the same time, Chongqing city will nurture local existing agricultural business platform, focusing on the fragrant garden, garden, taste fresh, preferably pie, wisdom, wisdom cloud table Lida mall, livestock trading network and a number of local e-commerce platform, the downstream industry resource integration, improve the service functions of rural e-commerce service system, collaborative development support key agricultural products business platform to build online shopping, online payment, logistics, express delivery etc.. Encourage large-scale agricultural products wholesale market advantage of the development of electricity supplier.

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Chongqing will also by the electricity supplier to the countryside, to break the bottleneck of rural electricity service outlets, the lack of logistics inconvenience, build industrial countryside, agricultural town, two-way trade circulation network construction, improve agricultural products sales network system and network service system of rural consumption. The business service center operations, construction in the township construction business integrated service station, in the construction of characteristic village electricity providers integrated service point of agricultural products in the District, as well as the support of business enterprise and the third party logistics enterprises to strengthen cooperation, to guide the courier to the countryside, explore the online distribution and purchasing, web store (send) mode, exchange online and offline the interaction of development.

The development of

in Chongqing City, the electricity supplier to the countryside, through 3 years of efforts, strive to build more than 10 influential famous agricultural products e-commerce trading platform, built 1 e-commerce service center in each county, municipal town center building 100 e-commerce service station (point), support 1000 agricultural enterprises online sales the cultivation of 1000 business leaders in rural areas.

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