Analysis of the single page bidding skills after the event of Baidu 628K station

Analysis of the single page bidding skills after the event of Baidu 628K station

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experienced Baidu 622 and 628 K station event, many electricity providers have been forced to choose the rankings. In the competitive rankings, single page auction is a typical form of rapid results. Electricity supplier website to do a single page bidding, must master certain skills. Technically speaking, the single page bid making and not what advanced technology, recently after careful observation of Liu Z, found some marketing single page website system can attract such a large number of users, shows a lot of problems:

, a technology is not better, high technology level is just to help you work, simple things also have business opportunities;

two, the majority of people are computer technology idiot, can teach them the most basic available low-end technology, but also a business opportunity, simple and quick, easy to use, good feedback.

three, for the site, the content is more important than the technology, especially the site to sell things, description, psychological grasp, the introduction of the process is very important.

below, Liu Z and we analyze the basic tactics of these competitive single page:

single page bid and single page, single page is displayed and the common theme of a small website, and single page bid it is also a complete sales website, although only one page, but the sparrow may be small, even more than ordinary website function is to complete, in addition to information the show, also must have the function of marketing, so a single page bid station generally has the following features.

1 visual impact function: generally the first screen, to attract the attention of visitors, usually the first screen is the core competitiveness of the product advertising language.

2 for the crowd: the product in the end what crowd. What kind of talent should choose this product.

3 products: description of the main function and work principle of the product, why did you choose your product, rather than other similar products, of course, this text also has the skill, the length of the relationship can’t believe start talking.

4 R & D team: introduce the production of Lu’s huge R & D team, build trust.

: To compare 5 similar out chart in the form of intuitive, this kind of products and similar products advantages and disadvantages to real and not deliberately belittle similar products, because viewers will judge for yourself.

6 product price and order system: can be ordered online order procedures, product price is also a very important part of the introduction, because it will affect the turnover rate.

7 user feedback: is the most critical link. Take the form of praise is derogatory in. Every day, the message seems to be new, to submit a few times a day, the use of sales psychology herd mentality, build turnover.

8 common problems: we often consult some of the problems, to sum up, so that

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