White clouds continue to report domain name online auction domain name

White clouds continue to report domain name online auction domain name

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On February 28th, due to the recent registration show Song Dandan baiyunpiaopiao.com sketch lines star cobra, with the latest developments, the reporter from the cobra was informed, whereas auction fees and news release publicity will cost too much, so he will consider the domain name in the online auction and press conference.

cobra is a college student. Since the registration of baiyunpiaopiao.com, every day he faces many domain name buyers inquiry, after several days of consideration, he decided to auction in the domain name, the proceeds will be used for public activities and entertainment activities.

Cobra told reporters, "we don’t want the annual Spring Festival Gala popular words we are going to the flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, white clouds for a long time, let him play a real social value, service value, entertainment value, we are not for the money, not for speculation." Cobra said, in fact, he hopes Song Dandan to participate in the auction of the domain name.

said originally planned in the net auction and a press conference in the Internet, cobra told reporters that the two would be if in the net, the cost is a problem, so he decided to choose a platform on the internet. "It saves money and time." Cobra said.

it is reported that the cobra after screening, the final choice of a network editor community (http://s.www.bianews.com/) as a publishing platform. This community to do more professional, most of them are engaged in the news and the Internet industry editor, said cobra, we look at the site’s professionalism and his positioning."

reporter was removed in this community website was informed of the network editor community administrator contact. According to its introduction, the community is located in the network editing crowd, has gathered nearly 15000 network editors and reporters.

reporter saw from the web community called "whip Niu Shi", according to the data, this is called "whip Niu Shi first network editing community" was founded in February 14, 2006 by several at the domestic portal website editor initiated the creation, promotion with unique ideas and unremittingly, enjoy the title of the first forum of network editing in the network editor. The average daily visit around 10000, the number of new posts per day on average in more than 100 stickers. At the same time the number of online in February 1, 2007 reached a record 951.

community manager according to the introduction, the first network editing community network originality whip Niu Shi opened a "online news conference" column, specifically for the enterprise to provide free online publishing platform. "We have industry journalists and editors. Whip Niu Shi from its inception, the current network editor registered more than 10000 people, enjoys a high reputation in the industry. The network has become the first exchange of interactive and interactive community and network editor vertical portal. In this way, we resolve >

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