Luxury electricity supplier giant to integrate Chanel Fendi intends to test the electricity supplie

Luxury electricity supplier giant to integrate Chanel Fendi intends to test the electricity supplie

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recently, win the heavy news on the commercial network cable industry continues. Luxury electricity supplier industry, the two giants Yoox and Net-A-Porter both parties have confirmed merger plan. And has always been excluded from the traditional luxury brands Chanel and Fendi recently also said it would begin to try electricity supplier business. Data show that the scale of the rapid growth of the online luxury industry, the market may be attractive giants push the luxury business online.

online giant to integrate

March 31st, Yoox Group announced plans to merge with rival Net-A-Porter, the new company was named Yoox Net-a-Porter. As the world’s top two luxury retail electricity supplier, Net-A-Porter and Yoox two companies in 2014 revenue of $1 billion 400 million. After the completion of this transaction, the new company will become the world’s largest fashion electricity supplier. According to foreign media reports, the new group will attract more than 2 million customers a month, while its site visits will be more than 24 million.

Although the two companies

luxury online retailers, but the direction of development is not the same. Yoox Group has a lot of experience in the sale of discounted goods, and Net-a-Porter is more like a latest fashion with a guide, sales category is also the season brand and independent designer works.

Yoox Group is a global online retailer, operating with, and and other high-end fashion e-commerce sites. Companies through large data and other ways to achieve fine management, in terms of the sale of discounted goods in the off-season is very advantageous. The company took over the stockpile some luxury brands over the quarter, customers can choose a quarter of goods, online orders, the goods will be Italy sorting from the company huge warehouse and delivery to consumers.

in addition to discount product sales, Yoox also has designers and buyers shop etc.. In addition, the company also Alexander Wang, Armani and other luxury brands to build a total of 37 sites, such income accounts for about 1/3 of its revenue. In short, the company is better at logistics management, online payment and after-sales service.

and Net-a-Porter from the UK is more like an online shopping guide. The founder of the company has worked for many years in a well-known fashion magazine, when she began to focus on the fashion industry to start a business, through the display of different fashion collocation to sell goods to become a feature.

Net-a-Porter are the main customers money no time elite woman, they pursue more grade costumes, but have no time to study collocation and shopping. Therefore, Net-a-Porter prepare a series of intimate and stylish single product collocation suggestions help >

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