Su Kang Kang deep excavation national certification SEO engineer examination

Su Kang Kang deep excavation national certification SEO engineer examination

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DoNews is the first SEO "Chinese engineer received national certification" of the news, caused extensive discussion in the SEO community, in the Tencent micro-blog, all kinds of speculation have been released. Questioned the legitimacy of the certification body, but also questioned the existence of the significance of the certificate. Network marketing analyst Su Dikang believes that the assessment of the event before, should first dig the relevant background. Any statement without investigation is an invalid statement. This article is for everyone to disclose this SEO certification aspects.

SEO certification exam message sequence of events

national certification SEO engineer exam is a new thing. Chinese Internet on the first SEO certification of news, from an information technology company in Nanjing Forum (commonly referred to as the Internet users for the benefit of the company). Since the company in the eyes of many people in the marketing tools more tricks, and the news has not been confirmed by the appropriate body, the industry basically when the joke.

February 23, 2011, DoNews IT media platform for domestic famous suddenly issued a "Chinese first SEO engineers to obtain national certification" of the news, the industry attracted extensive attention including Zac, Wang Tong et al., and published views on their respective Tencent micro-blog. Because of this news did not elaborate, doubts, so many people questioned, that is mentioned in the news of the SEO training institutions in the hype.

SEO certification exam in the news many doubts

DoNews news release, there are a lot of people very much puzzled content. After mining the many users Tencent micro-blog, now unearthed three as follows:


news said "the first part recently China" search engine optimization engineer "(hereinafter referred to as the" SEO engineer ") by the national authoritative organization certification exam, become the first national certified SEO engineer", but did not indicate the authority.

2, part of news background called "the largest SEO training institutions for the person in charge Chen Huimin said in an interview that the current serious shortage of SEO engineers", but the "demand" proof part, many industry insiders doubt on figures, especially the "Shanghai’s largest medical group, set up the 2000 people in the SEO marketing department", the specific use did not specify the medical group’s real name and the corresponding number (most people said the 2000 departments beyond imagination).

At the end of the 3,

news says that "the state issued SEO engineer certification exam, is the specification of the start of the SEO industry, it will make SEO work will get more traditional industry recognition, SEO talent will be more broad road", this sentence has been questioned by some people, that such a focus on SEO industry practical ability, and ability to hook the certificate. The person who has passed the certification is not likely to be able to do the job of SEO

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