Ma shareholders open letter the next thirty years Ali became a commercial infrastructure provider

Ma shareholders open letter the next thirty years Ali became a commercial infrastructure provider

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if you miss the Internet, and you pass not only the opportunity, but a whole era

most early in the China e-commerce Wang Juntao standing on the Internet from the beachhead. But not all people can enjoy a torrent of scenic rivers wonders, Wang Juntao and his 8848 tragic and became a pioneer in business, Ma and his Alibaba has made a brilliant. For the age of the Internet, not only is the rise of the electricity supplier, and embrace the change situation, the spirit of the style.


October 13th, Alibaba listed two anniversary, at the annual shareholders’ meeting on the eve of Ma to shareholders issued after the listing of second open letter, Kaizong Akiyoshi pointed out that the future of the game Ali: we are building the infrastructure of future business, including market, payment, logistics, cloud computing and big data. In the evening, Zhang Yong’s letter to investors in the open, the four points in the future judgment and layout of the business, but also echoed the beginning of Ali electricity supplier, the future layout of the infrastructure provider.

as everyone knows, 2003 Ali entered the era of the best wishes for your new home, Huaxing around the electricity supplier so deeply on the fight to win or die, the electricity supplier brand, and is now the media as Ali strategic standard open letter, but downplayed the electricity supplier, turn it 360 degrees.

Ali electricity supplier to lay the cornerstone of big data

Bill Gates said: in twenty-first Century, e-commerce, or no business can be.


grasp the Internet technology and the Internet thinking, business success. Ma Yun’s open letter to shareholders, proudly described Ali team of outstanding record: 2016 fiscal year, Ali GMV crossed the 3 trillion milepost, annual over 430 million active users. The fiscal year 2016 Q4 Ali wireless transactions accounted for 73%, far more than the PC side. Mobile terminal business revenue contribution to China’s retail business more than 75% before the listing.

GMV break 3 trillion, meaning this?

3 trillion means less than a fiscal year time, Ali created a global retail giant WAL-MART in 2015 to achieve the GMV. From 0 to 3 trillion, Ali with a period of 13 years, while WAL-MART spent half a century. 3 trillion, meaning more than 8 of the world’s more than GDP. 2014 only 26 countries in the world GDP more than 3 trillion yuan, even in accordance with the growth rate of 8%, a conservative estimate, in 2015 more than 3 trillion of GDP countries and regions will not exceed.

According to Ali

fiscal year 2016 data, 3 trillion of the platform, means that there are more than 1 billion items, more than 10 million active businesses, 430 million active users every day together with the resourceful. Each of the 3 Chinese people in the consumption of Ali on the electricity supplier platform 1. Ali electricity supplier to create a very large mobile economy.

this mobile economy is not a simple electricity supplier >

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