For the Chinese Taipei athletes refueling global top level domain name used for the first time

For the Chinese Taipei athletes refueling global top level domain name used for the first time

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the latest news, the Beijing Olympic Games on the first day, Chinese player Chen Xiexia and Taiwan player Chen Weiling 48KG won the gold medal in the women’s weightlifting and bronze, which are on both sides of the delegation in Beijing Olympic Games won the first medal. The compatriots on both sides of a mainland netizens dance for joy, it is his collection of many years of global top-level domain enabled, founded the "gas, Chinese Taipei" website, cheer for the Chinese Taipei to participate in the Beijing Olympic Games athletes


Chinese delegation to participate in the Beijing Olympic Games in Taipei, the two sides of the Strait to feel the blood is full of affection and passion. 8 evening opening ceremony when the Chinese Taipei team approach, the audience applause, such as thunder, allowing athletes to set off the first wave of climax. In the Olympic Games before the opening of the show, Taiwan minority groups to perform "we are one family" productions, passing the Olympic spirit of peace, especially in the stage of expression of Kao chin suffering people of concern for Sichuan earthquake, there won applause from the audience. And this was founded by the civil refueling, China Taipei website, but also the hearts of compatriots on both sides of the Strait together.

reporter through various efforts, the connection on the refueling, China Taipei website founder guo. He said when the two sides of the sisters while wearing gold and bronze medals, the mood is very excited, immediately decided to start the refueling, the Chinese Taipei "website, let more users through the network to cheer for the Chinese athletes on both sides, so that the Chinese Taipei athletes more profound feeling, not just the home court in Beijing, but Chinese every place Mr. Guo! Also disclosed that a few years old from the Chinese textbook to see the Riyuetan Pool in Taiwan, Ali Mountain and other scenic spots, in the mind left a very deep impression, in recent years he has been concerned about Taiwan’s local customs and practices and social development, and I believe Taiwan will open the tourism market for the mainland compatriots. In July this year, Taiwan announced the opening of Taiwan tourism to the mainland compatriots, this dream has finally come true. In the past few years, Mr. Guo through a variety of channels to collect a number of Taiwan related precious domain names, such as,,, etc.. He said that he is planning a Taiwan tourism website, to facilitate more mainland friends to understand Taiwan’s scenic spots and historical and cultural, in order to promote cross-strait tourism exchanges contribute their strength!

but the reporter asked Mr. Guo will not go to Taiwan tourism, he said with a smile that the current economic conditions do not have, I hope that in the near future he can go to Taiwan and more friends to see.

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