Four courier localization bottleneck to be broken page vulnerability operation cumbersome

Four courier localization bottleneck to be broken page vulnerability operation cumbersome

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in the foreign market of the four major international express companies summon wind and call for rain, seems to have not fully read China consumer psychology. Recently, the reporter found that, compared with the site of the leading local courier companies, the four major international courier – DHL, UPS, FedEx and TNT website has too few fonts, web pages and other issues can not be opened. At the same time, these international courier company’s Web operations are relatively cumbersome". This makes many domestic consumers feel that these logistics giants for domestic consumers do not seem so friendly".

pages do not taste

in the rapid development of the Internet at this stage, from the Internet to understand a logistics company, the order is already commonplace on the web page. A logistics company website, is the brand of face, but also attract customers in key areas.

, however, the reporter recently found that China has entered more than 20 of the world’s top four international courier home, but not in line with the tastes of the Chinese people.

reporter saw four major international courier home almost all attached to the left, the right side is leaving a lot of blank. Among them, DHL Sinotrans joint venture company Sinotrans and DHL (hereinafter referred to as "DHL") web page layout and TNT is relatively good. Nevertheless, TNT’s web page is still in the wrong line, DHL part of the page is still a page close to the left side of the situation.

In addition to the overall layout of the

to the left as a benchmark for consumers to feel uncomfortable, some of the smaller font page, but also a common problem of these logistics sites.

reporter to see, FedEx’s domestic business, such as the interface of the home page fonts are too small; UPS in addition to the home page, login page and query page, other page font is also smaller. In fact, FedEx and UPS’s home page, which has made the appropriate adjustments to the font, but these adjustments have not yet covered all pages.

close to the left side of the page, the font is too small, small defects, compared to the intermittent web pages can not be opened, the most consumers criticized. Lin told reporters: once, the boss to send an important item, the results of the UPS page can not be opened." After the reporter found that the verification, FedEx and TNT pages can generally be successfully opened, UPS and DHL pages are not stable enough. Industry insiders believe that foreign companies "are likely to be anchored in the foreign server, so the pages open slowly, there will be unstable situation.

refraction differences between foreign and domestic ideas

reporter found that part of the international courier company’s web page layout is more dispersed, the function is also more complex settings. In fact, the four major express delivery giant home page does not seem consistent with the Chinese taste, because of different aesthetic consumers at home and abroad, but these companies still will simply copy foreign models to domestic consumers criticized. In fact, the page is different, but also reflects the internal and external logistics

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