nto China ten years Amazon has become a Tmall seller

nto China ten years Amazon has become a Tmall seller

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lead: the day before yesterday evening, Amazon official flagship store settled Tmall, Amazon’s biggest competitors in the China.


the night before, Amazon official flagship store settled in Tmall – Amazon’s biggest rival in china.

opens the Amazon Tmall flagship store, you will see a full of iconic elements of the Amazon orange, mixed with the head of the entire store and want to post the page. Perhaps in order to avoid the Amazon China’s official website z.cn, Amazon Tmall flagship store is the highlight of the Amazon rather than amazon". Store sales of goods are all Amazon from overseas procurement back to China’s sales of imported direct mining".

Amazon Tmall flagship store is currently in the trial stage, only four categories of goods: Food and wine, shoes, toys and baby kitchen utensils, luggage and other categories of the future will have to join. The number of goods is also relatively limited, the list of goods is only 9 pages, the 118 commodities. According to information released by Amazon, until April when the official business, Tmall will provide more than one thousand kinds of goods.

this is a big change for amazon. Amazon has never been Kindle reader and Fire mobile phone tablet outside of the goods on the rival channel sales.

at the end of 2013, a person familiar with the Kindle digital book sales staff told me that China Amazon, z.cn home page content has been divided by the Seattle headquarters, such as which a piece of business, to which a piece of business to Kindle. Its Web site design has been a global unity, and even mobile applications are unified together.

joined Tmall, customized different pages and even to cater to Taobao users search habits to optimize the name of the commodity, all of which are Amazon China will not do.

according to a staff member who is familiar with the cooperation of Amazon China, said the cooperation from the summer of 2013 has begun preparations, the earliest mention by the Amazon China, has been the headquarters of the support.

international brand is the biggest difference in the Amazon China

direct imports is the Amazon China from the beginning of the project in 2013, the United States, Europe and other places in the Amazon direct bulk purchases of goods, shipped to China to enter the warehouse waiting for customs clearance.

this is in addition to Kindle, Amazon is the biggest difference in terms of other domestic online electricity supplier advantage.

as the absolute leader in the United States and Western Europe online retail industry, Amazon has inherent advantages in cross-border procurement. For the brand, direct mining just to have long-term business dealings with Amazon to sell more goods. These goods are shipped to China, customs clearance, sales, and even Chinese support

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