The 09 year old webmaster recommended five Wangzhuan project

The 09 year old webmaster recommended five Wangzhuan project

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now I have to make money project for everyone to write a good soft Wen, want to make money, the first thing we must do is to pay, (investment, spirit, hard struggle, have certain will be important, is the head of pay, others do not come up with ideas you will succeed, 70%) want to pay for success, this is behoove, some people tired day and night for a spell, these people have to do Wangzhuan also set a goal for his plan to do within the time specified in the.

get a lot of money, as long as you want out, promising is a good project, now I say I do stand up to now, hear, see a good project, it is generally do they rely on advertising to make money, I know there are many rely on advertising to make money long, some day in hundreds of thousands of others, and some are working in.

into the project to make money ideas

1 is the most basic do Wangzhuan rely on advertising to make money, but do not busy to do, to make money, do less competition, rely on advertising to make money the first step is to choose what to do stand, to do with GG advertising, such a high price, but also to click on high, the high price as the starting point, can’t do it now the station is QQ non mainstream station, competition big station, because these stations do not, the lowest price, and big competition, QQ station does not know there are several W station, so don’t do this, not good, do industry station now, some thousands of words to flow less competition, as long as the flow do 5000IP every day, the general estimate there are about $22, the high cost industry will be higher, and some are low. Just estimate,

Nice to use Taobao

2, this project is a long-term project, you can go to Taobao to find some low-priced products, and then make a stand, sold out, because many people do not know this product to the high price, so people may want to sell products, rely on the profit is very high, to for the high consumption of products, or earn less, as long as the high margin trading day 10 or so, enough that you enjoy, ha ha… This project is a good project for long-term investment, why the election, it is best to find what you have to put the value of the Internet to sell products, such as a sufficient supply of goods, so you do not have so much trouble.

3 A5 to find business opportunities, A5 trading, domain name trading these good opportunities to make good use of their own, to go to see, now I find the website just to sell to make money, because I have to refer a friend also is to rely on this money, he sold 20 pieces of domain names and their server (space 60 bar) he do the station sold 150 yuan, and then collect the contents. Collected better go on sale, he said there are a few transactions about a day, he one day trading 3, a day hundreds of income, this project is also good, you can also do flow up again to flow calculation of the station to sell at high prices, it also make a lot of money. There is money, selling the domain name, there are a lot of people do stand to find old domain name and Guan Jian words related domain >

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