The 2016 sales growth of up to 7 5% Hermes perfume and the best selling Japanese buy Bags

The 2016 sales growth of up to 7 5% Hermes perfume and the best selling Japanese buy Bags

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Xu Jiayin’s love of Hermes, in the luxury is good.


yesterday evening, French luxury brand Hermes released in 2016 fourth quarter and annual results notice, in the retail and luxury goods industry is extremely turbulent year, Hermes have achieved good results, the group’s total revenue of over 5 billion euros, according to the fixed exchange rate calculation, an increase of 7.5%, the growth rate is more than its rival LVMH.

regional market performance, Japan’s largest surprise

area of view, Japan became the Hermes growth hero, and growth in the rest of Asia is slowing. In the fourth quarter of 2016, operating income in Japan grew by nearly 9%, with the exception of Japan, the Asia Pacific operating income growth rate dropped from 14.2% to 4.4%. The group did not explain the reasons, only repeat the continued development of the mainland of China, Hongkong situation is still worrying argument.

data from the full year, the operating income in Japan is also greater than other regions of the Asia Pacific region.


in fact, this phenomenon is quite interesting, and other luxury brands trend is completely different. According to the previous LVMH earnings report, in 2016 the Japanese market revenue is negative growth, while the rest of the Asia Pacific region is to maintain growth of 5%.

if you want to delve into why Hermes in Japan so good, Xiao Bian probably can give two reasons: the Japanese intensive distribution network, and creative stores.

according to public information display, the number of stores in the mainland of China in 24, Hongkong, Yunnan, Macao, and the size of the size of Japan, but the size of the dense cloth has a total of 45 stores in. In addition, Hermes Outlet discount stores are equipped with 17 city in japan. Walk a few steps there is a Hermes, this pretty amazing experience.

Although the

Hermes store in Japan is very crowded, but it does not mean that the decline in the quality of the shop in the store, Hermes spend thinking or pretty much, Japanese store design and aesthetics are superior in. Tokyo has a family called the world’s most expensive Hermes flagship store, inside the metal frame glass appearance, very sense of design.


last November, Hermes in Japan has opened Hermè Smatic flash; laundry shop, encourage people to buy Scarves, scarves washing. The flash store opened in an old house in Kyoto Gion cho. Only park is one of the most famous scenic spots in Kyoto, yourenruzhi. Hermes with elegant simplicity of the old house, really good to hear or see.


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