Some of the necessary qualities of e commerce personnel

Some of the necessary qualities of e commerce personnel

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e-commerce development to the present, can not be said to be long, it is really unexpected, inadvertently became one of them, here is a little personal experience in the operation of clothing wholesale network little experience it:

1, to see whether it is Taobao, or Alibaba, they will be online, but the people of the blog click rate can be tens of thousands, we will also set up a blog, but how to let people see our blog, our website. This is the most important. Learn more about other people. Recommended blog blog Alibaba, business information, there is Baidu news inside the Internet these columns, whether for the apparel industry, or on the Internet. So, some senior master has a more profound understanding of.

2, registered this link is very important, because almost every web site in order to improve customer stickiness, open membership services, especially business platform system based on good have previously mentioned business treasure, HC, Bana, 114, China clothing network, including some small business website……

3, may see more and more shopping, but this visit is practical, go to the forum, shopping mall, leaving signature, accidentally sent several advertising styles, regardless of their business growth, or your own overall perception of the apparel industry will be improved step by step.

4, record customer information, attribute, note the performance of their products, features, like our garment industry there are too many things to learn, to understand the clothing styles, fabrics, fashionable accessories…… If you want to move toward the development of the industry, this is a required course. On the customer that piece, it is particularly important, remember the first time the customer visits, he needs what price, what style of products, from the perception of his people, his strength…… All can help things must be clear to us, so that customers will face seemed at ease, he would seem confident.

5, the search in this process, we can more effectively to optimize our website, compare the opponent’s website, because now some trend of electronic commerce development tendency of SEO, on the other hand, although online shopping is unusually hot, but for domestic, is just starting, there is strong, your website exposure comes from where, search by the real publicity, is definitely not a priority, and this is the main source of traffic, unless you are old station. In addition to trying to search, to find out how they search, including Baidu, GOOGLE, YAHOO, and Taobao, Alibaba…… Only understand these you can have targeted to optimize your site, your product.

6, think of what, want to develop, the development of the industry, its development, since the choice of their own, must have the heart, but always forget game mentality, always can not enter the track, there are a lot of ways, for example: there is no hope, of course it needs people, second, to play the game boring. >.

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