Price war is just a gimmick Gome electricity supplier thought the upgrade

Price war is just a gimmick Gome electricity supplier thought the upgrade

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business can not always break, also create a lot of Online Shopping Festival, Taobao out of the double 11, Jingdong out of 618, Suning has built a 818. In August 18th this year, the United States also participated in the electric business war, and declared that "the price is lower than the full Jingdong", but the "Beijing daily" reporter randomly selected 20 mainstream product comparison, as of 18 July 20, Gome online only 8 commodity prices lower than Jingdong, 3 commodity prices more than the Jingdong. 9 commodity price two are same, and a plurality of commodity prices are in 1 yuan.

so, Gome, Suning these traditional home appliance chain enterprises to enter the online time, there is no strength to initiate a price war, Gome, Suning and Jingdong competition in the end where to go from here?


said the United States did not have the strength to provoke a price war?

in fact, not only the United States, Suning also announced the line price war to Jingdong. Price war has been difficult to avoid electricity supplier competition means. The rise of Jingdong is also relying on the price war to allow the United States, Suning unprepared, and then quickly seize a large market share by price advantage. But since the beginning of 2011, with the size of the sales and active users Jingdong instead of playing a price war, I think this is a mature performance of Jingdong.

Gome and Suning these traditional home appliance chain in the price war does not have the advantage of two reasons:

first, in any case, it is difficult to solve the online and offline right hand stroke. In the early stage of development, Jingdong are playing the price war? Because as a start-up company, which belongs to the "light" mode, not only rely on offline channels, online sales, which led directly to the Jingdong than Gome, Suning low cost at least 15%. In August 12th third China appliances online shopping forum, the Jingdong responsible for electricity Yan said the soldier, in all power, rate of 15%~20% lower than the line channels online channel cost.

apparently line chain giant storage, personnel, stores, counters, promotion channel and various fees than online, if you take the line of a price, and launched a price war, will lead to these high costs can not be amortized, natural profits decline and serious losses. This is one of the reasons for its ability to provoke a price war.

secondly, the electricity supplier in 2014 is no longer 5 years ago. Once, the United States acquired Kuba and Jingdong to enter the business of a showdown, but finally it will lead to loss of profits, so the business contraction front, then the first quarter of 2014, the United States has finally achieved profitability. Suning is determined to fight Jingdong, has suffered serious losses for several consecutive quarters. The United States dare to loss? Wong Kwong Yu in prison allowed the United States

so aggressive?

and home appliance companies have become very rational, they do not want their prices are controlled by the channel, so insist on ensuring that in almost all channels are almost the same price, especially Haier, the United States

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