Taobao investigate brush Trumpet marked KA on the white list

Taobao investigate brush Trumpet marked KA on the white list

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[Reuters] news billion state power in December 9th, before the news sources, from the beginning of December 1st, has increased the brush strokes, especially aimed at the "trumpet" – 2014 for a single brush open Taobao account.

the source said, Taobao will be on the list of Taobao accounts suspected to play an abnormal label, the label can only be seen in the background of Taobao, businesses and users can not see. If the account is abnormal system found conclusive evidence of the existence of a large number of single brush, it will be the title.

since December 1st, Taobao increased the intensity of spot checks, was sealed ‘Taobao trumpet’ increasing." The insiders pointed out that many businesses are no longer single brush through the "trumpet", but choose to register for more than 3 years, the weekly shopping frequency of not more than 5 times, reach level diamond Taobao account.

source explained to brush single account is easy to be found by, as the "brush hand" master Taobao account is limited, but only brush to make money, so if a Taobao account number of single week orders of more than 100 may be judged as abnormal.

" check brush system is very powerful, but the number of suspected scalping behavior provided reported huge, Taobao department to determine the single brush one by one check, only checks from the reported suspected brush single behavior." Informed sources, Taobao is now increasing the proportion of checks.

in addition, the source referred to a critical information white list, there are some of the top of the list of some of the huge sales of KA businesses, these businesses are directly removed from the Taobao brush check system. In this regard, businesses have expressed dissatisfaction, because these large businesses or ignore the Taobao trust, it will therefore get a single brush privilege".

the source also revealed that Taobao is now monitoring the mobile terminal single brush is not very strict, but the entrance is too simple single brush or is likely to be monitored.

on recently hit a single brush move, the industry believes that the upcoming double 12 big promotion and not too much sales pressure, so the face of outside attention for scalping behavior, the inevitable choice to crack down on According billion state power network understanding, previously, the double 11 period, the Alibaba also carried out a series of fight against false trading behavior.

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