All domain name service first phase dividend over 100 thousand yuan

All domain name service first phase dividend over 100 thousand yuan

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      the day before, China nets announced: the launch of three months before the "domain name" business will be first dividend in the near future, the total amount of cash paid more than 100 thousand yuan.

      the domain name, is a kind of automatic generation of Web services for the domain name, link usually contains sponsor page, when a visitor through access to the domain name and click on the page advertising, advertising sponsors will pay for visitors to click on the domain name, all people can share the income from in. In October 2006, Chinese million net’s domain name ( after the launch of the domain name domain name domain name auction, subscription, consulting, domain valuation services, has launched a new profit model "domain name". The advantage of network domain name business from the domestic largest business is not to participate in sharing, income will be 100% paid to the owner of the domain name, the domain name is an important attraction. At the same time, intelligent optimization and matching of "advanced technology, strong cooperation with the well-known domestic and foreign authorities, customers can guarantee the maximum benefits; the parked domain of global access and support a variety of payment options, guarantee the customer flow is not restricted. Customers here can also learn the latest global domain name resources, enjoy the domain name and website transactions, intermediary, transfer assessment services. Years of professional experience in the domain name domain name market accumulation, and improve the trading system, greatly improving the success rate of transactions has become the domain name, the domain name of the fans and investors online home, and became the world’s largest membership domain professional forum. Because of this, the "domain name" launched just three months, has more than 30 thousand in the total Chinese million net domain parking, Internet users over 100 thousand yuan from the total income of the individual gets the domain name, the highest income of nearly $3000. The dividend income according to the agreement of the full system, as users ID number or bank account.

      it is understood that the Chinese network was founded in 1996, is Chinese Internet service industry’s flagship, China E has focused on the construction of network system, with the high cost of the virtual machine technology to help enterprises to establish their own web site with minimal investment, implementation of enterprise E.

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