Chen ou after the listing will focus on the integration of supply chain

Chen ou after the listing will focus on the integration of supply chain

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technology news May 16th evening news, the domestic beauty electricity supplier tonight Beijing time 21:30 in the United States listed on the NYSE, stock code "JMEI", the issue price of $22 per share. CEO Chen Ou opened by way of telephone connections to accept the domestic media interview.

the following is the answer to a reporter’s question:

United States listed on the vertical class cosmetics electricity supplier what impact

Chen Ou said frankly: cosmetics is born will be questioned in the category, but after the listing of the entire company and business will become transparent, so that we can establish the trust of consumers. Chen Ou also said that as a listed company, the future will further integrate the supply chain relationship, while the implementation of the security code system to achieve the real consumer confidence.

poly America’s share price rose sharply, but’s share price rose even more powerful, how long can catch up with’s stock price?

Chen ou think: the United States and the United States should learn the most is not the stock price, but the efficiency of Chen Ou said: we do not look at the stock price, but to see the efficiency of the company".

issue price exceeds the original range, after the opening price is also rising, investors for the United States and the United States recognized the core point is what?

Chen Ou said, from the perspective of investors, the current market volatility, the United States roadshow roadshow is a very short time, twists and turns, investors recognized, no story, with data that win recognition of the capital market from the data, and the execution team.

after the listing, in terms of vertical supply chain and horizontal category expansion strategic plan

Chen Ou said that the rapid development of clothing, in the supply chain integration will make great efforts, the ultimate goal is to end the chaos in the cosmetics market.

poly US listed financing nearly $400 million, how to spend this money?

Chen Ou said that the future will focus on improving the user experience, the brand through investment, mergers and acquisitions, authorization to win the trust of consumers.

mobile terminal in the future will increase efforts to promote consumer activities, but also in the development of a number of private custom features for consumers. Chen Ou also believes that the cosmetics magazine recommended as more suitable for the mobile phone terminal, and in the form of sale received a lot of users.

How does

for investors to save money?

Chen Ou said, mainly in cost control, he himself is China to pay their own minimum wage ceo.

In addition,

saves a lot of money in advertising and marketing, while branding brings some profits, combined with a great deal of cost savings for consumers.

future advantages in the cosmetics industry supply chain, with the capital advantage, a strong brand advantage, will win the trust of consumers. (Yangtze)

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