Cosmetics CN domain name up to 80%

Cosmetics CN domain name up to 80%

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many industries to carry out online business

days ago, Chinese Internet Network Marketing Association Working Committee announced the results of a survey of Internet brand marketing in retail, cosmetics, medicines, food, real estate and other 5 industries. The results showed that in the 5 industries, the proportion of enterprises to enable the CN domain name and web site are in more than half the proportion of the cosmetics industry CN domain is reached 80%, including almost all the international cosmetics giant.

"market news" reporter learned that, in addition to Carrefour, WAL-MART and other foreign retail enterprises opened online shopping, the traditional domestic retail business online business is also carried out in full swing. The United States and the United States is an early entry into the online retail business, its online mall for several years, currently in the United States and the United States online shopping mall (, many commodities have achieved online ordering. There are Home Furnishing Oriental home building materials commodity business, the electronic commerce website ( in the marketing, more than 4 kinds of merchandise stores operated in the online display, and maintain and store price, inventory data synchronization, the convenience of customers in the online inquiry, research and purchase. In addition, traditional retailers in Beijing shopping mall, Wangfujing department store, Xidan Bailian Group as the representative also opened their own online mall, and invariably chose the CN domain name brand.

in the conduct of the Internet brand marketing survey, a total of 74 retail companies surveyed, there are 47 companies have applied CN domain names, accounting for about 63.5% of the total number of enterprises. The CN domain name as the main domain name has 42, the proportion of up to 56.8%. Cosmetics industry a total of 40 companies surveyed at home and abroad, there are 32 companies enabled the CN domain name, accounting for the total number of enterprises, while the CN domain name as the main domain of the enterprise also reached 65%.

rely on network marketing to reduce costs and increase efficiency

at the same time, concentrated in, the web store, "the store has also become an important aspect of many" propaganda shop, with the entity and network stores also become the marketing way of online shops. Such a combination for many users, both convenient and practical. Convenience is because of the convenience of online shopping it all have, practical because people can see this entity in reality." In the Taobao shop 1 years of friends, little crab told the market news reporter, has a store shop is often more able to make people trust, thereby reducing concerns when shopping.

"when giants rely on capital advantage of foreign enterprises busy shop around, is not dominant in the number of stores in the domestic retail enterprises should as soon as possible to use this tool for network marketing, reduce operating costs and enhance profitability." Secretary General of the China Internet association Marketing Committee Fan Feng pointed out that the Internet has become a universal trend, the traditional business into the network is the trend.

network marketing experts believe that the precise marketing functions of the generic website, for the increasingly competitive retail industry, undoubtedly >

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