Where to buy reputation Net exposure group buy five crimes

Where to buy reputation Net exposure group buy five crimes

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since March this year, the founder of the campus network and the network of rice without the king of the United States since the introduction of the Groupon website in China, buy site quickly rise in the Chinese market. Just over three months, the Chinese market has reached more than four hundred or five hundred buy site, buy the market competition intensified by netizens dubbed the hundred regiments war.

, however, with the rapid development of the group buying site, disorderly expansion, the market and the lack of appropriate supervision, a number of issues gradually highlights, more and more buy scam was exposed users. How to protect the rights and interests of consumers, how to transition from the industry to the development of standardized competition, "hundred regiments" war, the war is still a line of resources, but also a protracted war.

– group purchase website "five sins" of

liar head roll escape

recently, there is a buy site caught in the volume of the door, many users accused of buying 1288 network payment is not shipped, but has been delayed refund, the police have been involved in the investigation. The 18 street buy forum is also caught in the liar ‘head’ roll fled the storm.

buy this kind of network trading entities and more dispersed, once the problem occurs, there is a certain degree of difficulty in filing, investigation, evidence. And as a new form of transactions, there is no specific laws and regulations for the network buy.

reputation Group believes that the group seems to enter the network threshold is very low, but the threshold is very high earnings. Buy network can not just think of making fast money, it should be the real name system, the company’s operation.

State Administration for Industry and Commerce issued the "Regulations on the online real name system" requirements, natural persons engaged in commodity transactions through the network, it shall submit the name and address of the real identity information to the network trading platform. Such as Taobao and other large shopping sites have basically realized the real name of the shop system, users in the network to participate in the group should also pay attention to the selection of a secure network to avoid unnecessary economic losses.

buy consumer has additional conditions

two movie tickets plus coke, popcorn and ice cream, buy price of 40 yuan." This launched by the "rice net" double movie ticket coupon, two days attracted 150 thousand users.

recently, have been claimed to have used the coupon coupon despite the netizen said, "read the special case of the film, each movie tickets to 10 yuan, but in fact, in first-tier cities, this coupon can only watch the 60 yuan movie, almost all of the film tickets are 70 yuan, which means that two people use coupons to watch movies, but also to pay 20 yuan.

in this regard, there are users dahushangdang, said network group purchase at low prices to attract people to consumer businesses have additional conditions, this would allow people to participate in group purchase affordable complain incessantly.


digital manufacturing false prosperity

group purchase.About

group purchase volume, some people think it is the network group purchase potential.

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