nterview with Dong Yi Shang CEO Wang Yi a new opportunity for crystal product network

nterview with Dong Yi Shang CEO Wang Yi a new opportunity for crystal product network

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East Easy mall profile:

East Mall (eygou.com) is a professional crystal jewelry sales platform, combined with the production process, and solid monopoly network mall advantage, to the love of natural crystal friends bring new crystal jewelry fashion and cultural ideas. "Beauty and the efficacy of" let us spend the least money to feel the natural crystal is the direction of our efforts; "focus on sales of high-quality natural crystal is our core competitiveness;" good regional brand reputation, for the benefit of the crystal industry in East China Sea "is our social responsibility.

interview: reporter snow (net)

was interviewed: Dong Yi mall CEO Wang Yi

webmaster, friends, good morning everyone, here’s snow QQ group interview column, tonight we are pleased to be invited to the crystal experts, network marketing consultant Wang Yi came together to our reporter snow QQ group interview column and together we talked about the beauty of natural crystal, crystal into the world. Today, Wang Yi will also tell us about the relevant knowledge of network marketing and his personal development process as well as the crystal industry, the Internet industry, etc.. Before the interview, we still hope that we can keep quiet:

reporter: snow Wang Hello, first of all we still hope you can introduce yourself to everyone.

Wang Yi: Thank you, everyone, my name is Wang Yi, graduated from the art and design professional, has been engaged in Internet marketing for many years and have relevant experience. However, personal love of crystal, it has a certain appreciation of the study.

reporter: snow in fact hobby, I believe 100 people there are 99 people are thinking, so please give us a talk about personal interests should be how to develop into the topic of personal strengths, good


Wang Yi: Well, I was an art student, but I didn’t do a professional job after graduation. I think the university is the sublimation of the ability to learn what major does not necessarily do the work in the future. Now many college students are faced with this form. So my personal interest is the best teacher, so first of all clear their interests, "I love, love I choose" insist on their own ideals and struggle, then it will be harvested. I don’t like marketing, but later began to do brand marketing planning and related work site, also gained a lot of experience and harvest; I didn’t learn geology or jewelry, but because the love of crystal appreciation, observe their own study and research, will become, and began to get involved in crystal network industry. Is now operating East Yi mall. Welcome friends! Of course, interested friends can join us to explore and make progress together.

reporter: snow to begin early yesterday to students to the success of today’s youth, from the beginning to understand the network marketing, network marketing experts become until today, then select the crystal industry to do e-commerce, this way, I believe that a >

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