With bed door massage O2O scene bottom line

With bed door massage O2O scene bottom line

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market for home massage O2O attitude polarization of this matter, who are highly sought after, look down on those who disdain. However, the market itself is not under the control of the public opinion, we have to look at the surface is not pure, but behind the potential of this industry, application of many surface inconspicuous, often in the market broke out late to let many people understand the doorway, and the differences in the capital, to obtain greater premium.

O2O now in the competition, we are competing for the actual "Scene", while the O2O consumer demand comes down to the "basic necessities of life", and similar to the fast taxi drops and other software, just seize the "one vertical segments", won more than ten billion dollars in valuation, capital market the surface is not a fancy O2O value pricing, and more imaginative derivative value.

demand determines the market, the success or failure of professional decisions

with on-site massage for example, more than half a year on the emergence of dozens of similar companies in the country, the panda holding point to point, and activity of frog, door to help healing, massage points in place, push the lion, bear, magic magic, e palm, nine elder brother and Hua Tuo more than a dozen public we have got the investment shows that the market has enough hot.

usually, we believe that the market itself is small low frequency massage services, home massage O2O is a niche in the minority, however, from the angle of service, on-site massage is actually service upgrade direction, the market potential and the derivative value surface is not so simple.

first, subject to the limitations of time and space, a lot of treatment or relaxation of consumer demand has not become a traditional massage industry users. In the on-site massage after the emergence of the time and space constraints disappear, the main market to do education, low niche industry can become the norm.

secondly, the fast pace of life in the big city has become the norm, and the congestion of traffic and the increasingly high prices and rents in the central region has further intensified the work and life. In the leisure time to pay other life time cost squeeze, it provides the possibility for the door and broke the back-end services market.

third, the pressure of living so many white-collar workers in the city to attend to their own health problems, health has become the "King" doesn’t get rid of the shadow, especially long-term sitting is a tremendous burden for cervical vertebra, lumbar spine. The professional massage is precisely for the white-collar this feature, can effectively help urban white-collar ease this problem. From this perspective, the door to the future of professional massage.

addition, for home massage, how to maintain professional standards and service experience, will become a watershed in the industry competition. Massage is not a simple relaxation, but according to different groups of people at different points to relieve physical fatigue, improve physical function and immunity of professional services. From this point of view, with a professional massage bed door panda do take the most thorough.


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