The drug business was 1 billion 100 million yuan financing business brand equity synchronous launch

The drug business was 1 billion 100 million yuan financing business brand equity synchronous launch

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reporter Xiao Xia Shanghai reported

local large integrated pharmaceutical group Shanghai Pharmaceutical (601607.SH; 02607.HK) electricity supplier development is entering the fast lane.

on the evening of August 18th, has announced that its Shanghai medical health cloud Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as: "cloud medicine health") completed from Shanghai pharmaceutical Jingdong Beijing Century Trading Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as the "Jingdong") and the Beijing harmonious growth investment center (limited partnership) (hereinafter referred to as the "IDG capital") and other aspects of the A round of financing, financing amounted to 1 billion 112 million yuan.

It is reported that

, Shanghai’s drug Zhongxie pharmaceutical 100% stake in Jingdong, with cash and platform resources, IDG capital is the cash injection on cloud health. In terms of ownership structure, after the A round of financing on cloud health registered capital will be increased from 100 million yuan to 1 billion 212 million yuan, Shanghai pharmaceutical 80% stake, the first shares of Jingdong and IDG capital shareholding ratio will reach 12.5% and 5% respectively.

in fact, in May this year, Shanghai pharmaceutical announced a comprehensive strategic cooperation with the Jingdong, when asked about the specific amount of capital, shareholding proportion, financing a blood transfusion had been promised to "promote and accomplish positive". Now the capital has settled, Shanghai medicine told reporters that the implementation of the capital is expected to further enhance the ability to expand its business on cloud health, accelerate and deepen the strategic layout of the electricity supplier landing.

and IDG for the first time the market is concerned about the capital market, the outside world is not too unexpected. Now already completed in the "A+H" listed Shanghai medicine, and there is no lack of capital. IDG capital told reporters: "cloud medicine health key management team have many years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Grasp the medical reform and the "Internet plus" to lead the industry transformation and development of major opportunities, and Jingdong to jointly build service to medicine and ecological pharmaceutical business platform, to witness the development of the industry, the company will look forward to it."

in addition, the reporter was informed that recently on the cloud health also simultaneously launched the business field of exclusive independent brands – "Yi medicine". Shanghai medicine said, "good medicine" brand will fully leveraging medicine and Jingdong brand, for the pharmaceutical business market, to the "professional, safe and favorable" as the main demands of users focus on chronic disease special disease and provide a convenient one-stop purchase of medicines and health value-added services.

has a senior pharmaceutical industry to the twenty-first Century economic news reporter bluntly, although the current prescription drug business policy has not yet landed, but the pharmaceutical online sales and information technology is a trend to get through. The volume of the solid pharmaceutical company with a number of big Internet Co has a combination, resources in the industry gather not small significance.

it is worth noting that in the past four months, Shanghai medicine for new business near the high degree of concern, a lot of throw >

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