Webmaster do not superstitious e commerce SEO

Webmaster do not superstitious e commerce SEO

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as early as a long time ago, our China team has been exploring a topic: the next ten years, the future of China’s Internet where we finally concluded that e-commerce. As the members of the team have at least five years of experience in e-commerce, coupled with the majority of the members are responsible for the operation of the B2C project in the enterprise, we summed up several core ideas. For example: where the Internet is electronic commerce; the core of electronic commerce website is located; e-commerce to end customers as the core of electronic commerce; do not superstitious SEO and so on, in front of my viewpoints in an interview with A5 iResearch have been detailed in this, I want to talk about why "do not superstitious e-commerce"


e-commerce is just a branch of marketing.

simply speaking, we understand that e-commerce is to achieve sales growth through the Internet, the core of which is to sell products or services through the Internet, in order to meet the needs of consumers in the process.

from the above point of view we can come to the conclusion that e-commerce must meet the needs of consumers. So why is SEO so important in the implementation of e-commerce projects


we know, SEO is a set of ideas based on search engine marketing, provide the ecological type of self marketing solutions for the site, let site occupies a leading position in the industry, so as to obtain brand earnings or sales growth. The key point is the SEO keyword, keyword is reflected, customer demand on the Internet the most intuitive so we do in the electronic commerce process valued SEO completely is not wrong, because the SEO which includes the customer to find the products or information needs.

however, we can not ignore that the core purpose of e-commerce is to meet customer needs, is a huge system engineering. We should not only meet the needs of customers to find products or information, because it is only sold in the first part of the process, which is part of the contact with customers, we have to meet the needs of the customer experience degrees, to meet customer demand, the price to meet customer demand, want to quickly receive the products to meet the customers to buy products that allow customers love this demand, etc..

summary, that is, we have to meet the many needs of customers, and SEO can only meet part of the demand, so we do e-commerce can not superstitious SEO

SEO is just a branch of network marketing.

said SEO is just a branch of network marketing, we certainly have no objection. So we have to do e-commerce integration network marketing, do not rely too much on SEO. Such as word of mouth marketing, database marketing, news marketing, blog marketing, forum marketing, social media marketing, marketing and so on, these are very important.

an e-commerce can be started by SEO, playing the world, but it can not be a core of e-commerce project persistence fall

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