Suning unified line on the price is facing three challenges

Suning unified line on the price is facing three challenges

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[TechWeb] reported on June 4th news, Suning has just announced that, from June 8th onwards, all the goods all Suning stores, Tesco official store sales will be achieved with the price of the same product with

this means that Suning to break the development pattern of sales platform parallel two on the line, to achieve integration of online and offline, but also helps to eliminate the line of left and right hand Bo problem.

in fact, the move is also seen as an important strategic initiatives Suning accelerated 020 transformation, but at the same time Suning will also face the challenge of the three, whether they can meet these challenges, the key to this change.

challenges: the uniform price first filled products

in the past few years, in order to avoid the conflict between online and offline sales, Suning adopted a compromise, the sale of the product is online and offline segment, many products are taken or customized underwriting, that consumers only in online or offline to buy a certain product.

TechWeb reporters in Beijing Suzhou Street Suning Appliance were visited, then found four products: Samsung PS60E530 TV, YADU KJF2901, Thinkpad E430c-3365-1B4, air purifier, SONY camera CX290. The results of the first three models of products in were not found. Only the last product SONY camera, Tesco price is 2280, but the store price is 2380.

users in the micro-blog pointed out that, at present, not only including Gome, Suning, online, home appliances, computer and other products category is actually less than physical stores, and the product is not much, many products are individually customized suppliers, if the line of the same price, Suning first to enrich their own online and offline complete product line, to the other, if not the coincidence degree reached 90%, so the price is only propaganda.

is not difficult to see, whether can really integrate the end product line, the system price is completely consistent, become one of the important challenges.

now, in June 8th the full realization of all the basic products filled impossible, so the most likely situation is that in the short term can only achieve part of the price line of unity, and there are a considerable number of products will not be online at the same time online sales, so it is impossible for a unified price.

challenge two: pricing standards become critical

uniform pricing, although in the long run is good, but the key is in what way pricing, according to the standard online or offline pricing?.

in fact, online network sales price below the line retail price has become a consensus, which is an important advantage of online sales. Wang Xiaosong, vice president of Jingdong has said that many manufacturers have accepted the fact that

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